Tom Hays

Court unseals search warrant for Hillary Clinton’s emails

NEW YORK — The FBI told a federal court it needed a search warrant to look at thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails... Read more

Philip Seymour Hoffman autopsy: Inconclusive

NEW YORK — An autopsy of Philip Seymour Hoffman's body is inconclusive, and tests will be needed to determine what caused his... Read more

Feds now back morning-after pills for all girls

NEW YORK — After setting off a storm of criticism from abortion rights groups upset that a Democratic president had sided with... Read more

Feds to allow morning-after pill to be bought without prescription

NEW YORK — The federal government on Monday told a judge it will reverse course and take steps to comply with his... Read more

Bankruptcy judge close to granting Beechcraft plan

NEW YORK — A New York bankruptcy judge made clear Thursday that he is close to signing off on a reorganization plan... Read more

Sandy victims cheered by NYC's Thanksgiving parade

NEW YORK — Victims of Superstorm Sandy in New York and elsewhere in the Northeast were comforted Thursday by kinder weather, free... Read more

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