Kevin Haskin: Nashville could be fun venture for strong K-State contingent

Musings: Facebook Live venture hopefully not something that goes with Dipp

Musings at the mid-week:


--Excuse me for not feeling the same fervor over a trip to Vanderbilt as some do for Kansas State’s upcoming football excursion.

-- The Commodores do belong to the SEC, which is supposed to add considerable starch to anything related to college football.

-- Their bowl run last season, the ability to hang tough against most SEC rivals, and the creativity of fourth-year coach Derek Mason, are factors.

-- Still, if K-State is good enough to be ranked No. 18 and good enough to contend in the Big 12, this should be a road game the Wildcats eventually command.

-- That would provide even more fun for the K-State delegation in Nashville.

-- Athletic director Gene Taylor told Wildcat Insider he expected 10,000-plus K-State fans to make the trip.

-- Vanderbilt’s stadium capacity (40,350) and enrollment (6,885) are the smallest in the SEC.

-- Interestingly, Kansas will be playing in a 24,000-seat stadium Saturday when it visits Ohio (enrollment: 38,857).

-- When Saturday rolls around it will be 2,926 days since the Jayhawks’ last road win.

-- Until the road skid (44 away from Lawrence, 41 in true road games) was mentioned Tuesday at his press conference, “I didn’t even think about it,’’ KU coach David Beaty said.

-- Really?

-- Enough time has passed to make me wonder if I have a World Book from 2009.

-- Kareem Hunt, the Chiefs’ rookie running back, netted 47 points in my fantasy league.

-- His Thursday output gave me an insurmountable lead in my opening matchup.

-- I picked Hunt as a lark, realizing the Chiefs like using running backs in various capacities.

-- I did wonder if the Chiefs would bench him after his early fumble.

-- And no, I am not an expert on fantasy football.

-- The fantasy for any sports writer on deadline is a game that takes fewer than three hours to complete.

-- Absolutely, the Chiefs will miss Eric Berry, though time exists for the secondary to develop.

-- Topekan David Oliver made his NFL officiating debut this past weekend.

-- Oliver, a longtime Big 12 official who called many big college games, works as a down judge on the crew headed by referee Gene Steratore.

-- If you have not heard of ESPN sideline reporter Sergio Dipp by now, Sergio thanks you.

-- If you haven’t seen his work, roll the Internet tape of his sideline report Monday from Denver.

-- Fluent in Spanish, but thrust into an NFL role requiring ‘Merican English, Dipp should have been given a chance to redeem his name.

-- Or, change his name.

-- The Indians are red hot and all, but their 24,786 average attendance ranked 24th in the majors through Monday.

-- So the Royals, who crossed the 2 million mark again for total attendance, have that edge, ranked 17th overall at the turnstiles.

-- On ESPN, disappointing players who used to call San Diego home.

-- On FSKC, disappointing players who used to call San Diego home.

-- Those two lines were a delightfully clever tweet written Monday by our own Matt Galloway to describe the Chargers and Royals.

-- One of those moments when you love Twitter.

-- Brandon Moss’ grand slam was enough to get the Royals by on Tuesday.

-- I predicted a few months ago Mike Moustakas would not break the Royals home run record.

-- He tied it with No. 36 back on Sept. 1. Certainly he can achieve the easiest thing in sports and deny my prediction.

-- We will be on Facebook Live sometime between 11 a.m. and noon Wednesday. The discussion involves Galloway, Ken Corbitt and myself.

-- Topics will touch on KU, K-State, the Big 12 and life as we know it.

-- Hopefully we won’t be changing our names to Dipp.

-- Especially since you know what goes well with Dipp.

-- Tune in. There’s no price. No prizes, either, though I do have a garage I’m thinning out.

-- Recently found an authentic Atom Pop Corn Popper, manufactured in Quincy, Kan., that belonged to my Aunt Isabel.

-- Oh, and the crappie lights Jim Ramberg let me borrow.

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