Kevin Haskin: New venues a reminder for need to renovate Landon Arena

Facelift for Expocentre may not have been best use of sales tax funds

Musings at the mid-week:


— Man, I did not realize Fort Worth was building an arena and then, boom, it will host NCAA Tournament games in 2022.

— Stock shows will be another attraction for the $450 million Dickies Arena, yet another new venue in the Big 12 footprint.

— Sometimes it takes a CSI unit to determine that footprint, but Fort Worth is a Big 12 city with an actual Big 12 campus (TCU). Good place.

— Wichita appears part of the NCAA rotation, landing first- and second-round games in 2021.

— Not bad considering Intrust Bank Arena will make its debut hosting the men’s tournament next season.

— Whenever I hear news about events at new venues I frown a bit at the decision to upgrade the Kansas Expocentre with funds from a half-cent sales tax.

— Landon Arena can desperately use a facelift, no doubt.

— Yet I can’t help but wonder if a new arena would help with restoration efforts for downtown Topeka.

— Maybe as a link to downtown and the riverfront.

— Just spit-balling, but then there’s been a lot of that regarding downtown in the 30-plus years I have lived here.

— Maybe, with all the newer arenas in this region, Topeka does not need one.

— The array of different venues certainly factors into the difficulty of booking acts here.

— A downtown ballpark always appealed to me, but only if Topeka attracted a minor league team affiliated with a parent organization in the majors.

— Wish lists sure come with a lot of ifs.

— Especially in Topeka, with all the dreadful business news of late.

— Sad.

— Whit Merrifield in right field, huh?

— Fine by me as long as he can add some punch to the Royals attack.

— The Chiefs commenced with offseason workouts this week. I yawned.

— The NFL Draft is next week, and much of it makes me yawn too, though the possibility of the Chiefs drafting a quarterback provides intrigue.

— More so than spring workouts.

— A spate of injuries during Kansas State’s spring football practices prompted Bill Snyder on Tuesday to make a noteworthy concession.

— He will reserve the right to begin the spring game under normal timing rules with the option of implementing a running clock.

— I’d bet on me running around the stairs of the K-State press box before Bill tells the timer to keep the clock running.

— Extreme longshots.

— I will fondly remember Josh Jackson as a one-and-done who unpacked his bags and showed off a complete skill set while competing hard for Kansas.

— Yes, there were a couple of off-court incidents, but I tend to believe Jackson is a decent kid with a quick fuse.

— Tough to remember sometimes that the high-level recruits who possess such remarkable basketball skills are still just college freshmen in age.

— Character assessments are required, though, in the talent KU pursues.

— Editors get in a hurry. The process of putting out the print edition requires multi-tasking under pressure.

— As a rule, cutting a quote at the end of the story is permissible.

— In the case of my column that ran in Tuesday’s print edition, the quote that was cut left an ending that made no sense.

— The declaration new Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor made at his introductory press conference follows:

— “I don’t think North Dakota State will play here anytime soon.’’

— For those of you who read that far and were left hanging, now you know.

— Taylor has been on both sides of outcomes favoring NDSU. As deputy AD at Iowa, he watched the Bison triumph last season in Iowa City.

— That NDSU win streak over FBS opponents stands at six.

— The success has inspired those voting in the Associated Press poll to sometimes place NDSU on their ballots.

— Prompted me to kid once about adding North Dakota State to the Big 12.

— At least I think I was kidding.

— Returned safely from last week’s Las Vegas junket. That’s all I really care to share.

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