First 800 series comes as a surprise to Nelson

Washburn student moves into second place on men's season honor roll

The last thing on Tony Nelson’s mind a week ago Wednesday night was how well he was going to bowl in the Little Eight League at Gage Center Bowl.


In fact, he wasn’t even sure he was going to bowl.

“I had worked Tuesday night right after I got out of school, so I’d woken up at like 6 o’clock in the morning and got home after midnight,” said Nelson, who recently began juggling his part-time job as a mechanic at the bowling center with student teaching at Shawnee Heights Middle School.

“Then I came in Wednesday, and I wasn’t even going to come to bowl, that was the funny part,” he added. “I was really tired. When I showed up, I didn’t even know what ball I wanted to throw.”

Not giving the details a lot of thought turned out to be a good thing for the 24-year-old Nelson, who promptly rolled the best series of his career — a 269-259-279 — 807 performance that ranks second on the men’s series honor roll this season.

“I guess I was just feeling it,” said Nelson, who is in his final semester at Washburn University. “I stuck with the same ball and stuck with the same line pretty much the entire night, and picked up all my spares where they were there.

“In the very first frame of the third game I left a pocket 7-10 split, or else I would have had 300 and 800 in the same series. That was my ultimate goal.”

Nelson, who bowls right-handed but does almost everything else with his left hand, had come close to the 800 mark in the past but seemed to be stuck in the 790s.

“It was definitely a trip,” he said of his first 800. “I didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t mentally prepared for that.”

Colby Atwood also cracked the men’s top 10 with 290-235-264 — 789 series a week ago Tuesday in the Gage Bombers League at Center, tying Craig Trapp for eighth place on the season leaderboard.

Melissa Urich posted the only other top-10 score last week, tying for eighth on the women’s honor roll with a 268 game en route to a 684 series in the Friday Mixer League at West Ridge Lanes. She sandwiched the 268 with games of 168 and 248.

Also for the women, Chelsie Bahr shot 196-242-245 — 683 last Thursday in the Party Time League at Center, where Angie Ross rolled 211-201-258 — 670 in the Little Eight League.

The senior men were led by Gerry Sanders, who shot 215-243-247 — 705 and 265 — 693 at West Ridge, and Charlie Heideman, who rolled 237 — 695 at Center, where Ray Justus and Dwight Brooks each had games of 268.

Topping the senior women were Barb Tidwell, 222 — 584 at Center; Cleora Cushinberry, 211 — 584 at West Ridge; and Kay Johnson, 231 at West Ridge.

The youth were led by Matt Peoples, 237 — 631; John Baeten, 235 — 620; and Hannah Casto, 246 — 575, all at West Ridge.

City season honor roll

(New top-10 scores from Jan. 4-10)


Series — 807: Tony Nelson, GC (second place); 789: Colby Atwood, GC (tie for eighth).


Games — 268: Melissa Urich, WR (tie for eighth).

Note: See the expanded honor roll at

Last week’s city leaders

(League scores from Jan. 4-10)


Men’s series — Tony Nelson 807, Colby Atwood 789, Troy Bell 717, Steve Patrick 714, Allen Payne 710, Brian Granger 709, Jason Porter 703, Dan Hollon 703, Dick Feldman 700, Randy Potts 693.

Men’s games — Colby Atwood 290, Matt Turpin 284, Jerry McCart 279, Tony Nelson 279, Patrick Herr 276, Jason Porter 269, Rodney Barrand 269, Kelly Binkley 267, Ray Justus 267, Steve Patrick 267, Robert Raye 267.

Women’s series — Chelsie Bahr 683, Angie Ross 670, Shelby Rouse 658, Sheila Krohe 620, Amber Huske 577, Michelle Springer 566, Kara Tidwell 557, Ashley Armstrong 552.

Women’s games — Angie Ross 258, Shelby Rouse 247, Chelsie Bahr 245, Chelsie Bahr 242, Kassie Tidwell 229, Sheila Krohe 225, Ashley Armstrong 213, Nadine Derr 212, Rhiannon Ross 202, Donna Cummings 202, Amber Huske 201.

Senior men — Charlie Heideman 237/695, Ray Justus 268/681, Dwight Brooks 268/673, Mike Granger 649, Jack Cozadd 234/638, Steve Patrick 234.

Senior women — Barb Tidwell 222/584, Stacey Croskey 206/559, Phyllis Zentner 213/555, Carol Tyler 523, LaAnge Ginavan 204/514, Ginny Sommerville 197.

Youth boys & girls — No scores.


Men’s series — Jesse James 754, Geoff Poston 747, Brandon Clausing 742, Trent Overbey 738, Matt Turpin 737, Geoff Poston 736, Michael Colombo 728, Chris Bortz 727, Kyle Turner 725, Brandon Clausing 719.

Men’s games — Kyle Turner 280, Geoff Poston 279 (twice, separate series), Michael Colombo 279, Chris Bortz 277, Kyle Turner 277, Sean Phillips 275, Brandon Clausing 269, Jesse James 269, Trent Overbey 267.

Women’s series — Melissa Urich 684, Rachel Barber 647, Kim Halseth 600, Ty Overstreet 597, Chelsie Bahr 572, Sheryl Drewis 568, Rachel Payne 564, Denise Bailey 558, Linda Avery-Brown 553, Vicki Williams 547.

Women’s games — Melissa Urich 268, Kim Halseth 244, Rachel Barber 234, Linda Avery-Brown 232, Angel Rosdahl 224, Ty Overstreet 214, Chelsie Bahr 207, Denise Wheeler 205, Lisa Benge 203, Vicki Williams 200.

Senior men — Gerry Sanders 215-243-247/705 & 265/693, Rick Schauff 237/671, John Bortz 256/658, Mickey Smith 254/655, Mark Grim 247/650, Bill Emperley 649, Dean Porter 624, Hal Gakeler 237/621, Omer Van Vleck 247, Chuck McLain 244, Otis Connell 237.

Senior women — Cleora Cushinberry 211/584, Mary McLin 216/550, Kay Johnson 231/546, Pearl Colby 536, Ann Dick 204/533 & 200, Cathy Sawyer 533 & 521, Butch Morris 201/530, Mary Creech 530, Shirley Jacobson 520, Brenda Redman 207, Sheryl Preston 207.

Youth boys — Matt Peoples 237/631, John Baeten 235/620, Blake Massey 232, Zack Williams 228, Noah Belt 225, Cody Mzhickteno 217, Koby Hoar 213, Jordan Freed 207.

Youth girls — Hannah Casto 246/575.



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