Storied Santas: Photos of Santa Claus from The Capital-Journal archives

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Santa was in the house, or school, Wednesday as he handed out presents to the children at State Street Elementary school 500 NE Sumner. Here Clifton Steward, second grader in Cindy Constantino's class received his present from Santa along with the rest of the kids in the class. (Dec. 22, 2010)

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These are some of the Santas in Myrna Atkinson's collection that will be a featured part of the CASA homes tour. (Nov. 17, 2010)

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Myrna Atkinson shows of some of her Santa Collection that will be a featured part of the CASA Homes tour. (Nov. 17, 2010)

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Children from the YWCA’s Early Learning Center had a chance to see Santa Claus on one of his first visits to Topeka this holiday season. Santa showed up at the YWCA of Topeka, 225 SW 12th Street, to help kick off the Christmas Bureau’s 2011 season and the start of the Bureau’s intake process on Friday. Each child received a book from Santa. (Nov. 2, 2011)

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Santa (Nov. 20, 2010)

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Preschoolers at Pine Ridge Preparatory Academy exchange gifts with Santa Clause during Tuesday afternoon's Christmas Bureau kick-off. The Christmas Bureau helps families in need become adopted for the holidays to be that family is able to have a Christmas that they otherwise would not have. (Oct. 22, 2013)

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Santa (Dec. 2, 2009)

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Santa (Nov. 29, 1979)

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Santa (Nov. 23, 1979)

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Santa (Dec. 20, 1979)

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Chuck Fitz wasn't as jolly as Santa Claus - and probably his mother wished he would be - Saturday at White Lakes Shopping Center, where Santa made apparently his earliest visit to Topeka. Chuck, 21 months old now, attended the arrival of Santa at the shopping center with his mother, Mrs. Connie Fitz. (Nov. 23, 1980)

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Santa Claus on Wednesday heard last-minute requests from Amy Little, 7, left, and her 4-year-old sister, Sara. The girls, who are the daughters of Richard and Christine Little, stopped off to chat with St. Nick while they were at White Lakes Mall. (Dec. 24, 1987)

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Brad Schnellbacher, Santa at a Topeka shopping center, took a few minutes to watch television while the kids were still in school Thursday. After all, not many TV stations reach the North Pole. (Dec. 13, 1974)

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Darbi Campbell, 15-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell, wasn't quite sure what to think of the bearded man in the red suit who visited her an other patients Tuesday afternoon at Stormont-Vail Hospital. Santa Claus and three animal characters from Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City talked to patients in the pediatrics, adolescent and othopedic units. Looking over Santa's shoulder were Grrrtrude Gorilla, left, and Dan'l Coon. (Dec. 18, 1974)

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Robert Grinnell grinned mightily this morning as he received an early and unexpected visit from Santa Claus. Santa, representing the Salvation Army on the rounds, visited residents at the County Convalescent Home north of the city and delivered gifts. The Salvation Army and Emergency Food and Medical Service s planning taking Santa and gifts to 16 convalescent homes in the county durng the holiday season. (Dec. 9, 1970)

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Santa Illustration (Dec. 21, 1987)

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"A Real McCoy Santa Claus" is one that needs no mask. His own whiskers are sufficient. James G. Downey donned the Santa suit recently because increasing numbers of children have been calling him Santa Claus since October. After Oakland kindergarteners assembled and began singing "Here Comes Santa Claus," he decided to accept the assignment. He plans to play the part at homes where there are children or elderly persons. (Dec. 19, 1963)

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Although it might have looked as though Santa was setting up shop to sell sleds on a downtown street this morning and risking a parking ticket to boot, he wasn't. Santa, who was really Leroy Burnside, was getting the sleds ready to give to some fortunate children attending one of two children's Christmas parties at the Dickerson Theater. The parties were open to all children and were sponsored by the Oasis Temple No. 29 Shrine. Bicycles and other gifts were also given to the children. (Dec. 21, 1974)

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White Lakes Santa (Dec. 11, 1986)

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Santa (Dec. 7, 1964)

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One of Santa's helpers, Debbie Lowe of Toepka, took passengers on a chilly ride through Gage Park as part of a two-day Christmas Craft Fair and Bake Sale on Saturday at Gage Park Shelter House. Lowe also is assistant manager of the Gage Park train and carousel. (Dec. 3, 1989)

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Santa (Dec. 10, 1961)

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Santa (Dec. 22, 1969)

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Santa Clause winds his tractor-drawn sleigh through a crowd of Christmas shoppers at Holliday Square. Santa attracted a large crowd of prospective young sleigh riders Saturday, his first day of operation. (Dec. 9, 1962)

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One of 11 special "Santa Claus mail boxes" installed at Topeka shopping areas today by the post office department got immediate usage in Eastboro Shopping Center from 3-year-ol Scott Besler, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Besler. The boxes, built by post office maintenance personnel, are for area youngsters who wish to drop old St. Nick a line between now and Christmas. (Nov. 30, 1965)

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Kevin Myrick, 3, talks to Santa about his rocket sleigh ride through downtown Topeka Thursday. Mrs. Robert Myrick holds big-eyed Lori, 2. (Dec. 10, 1964)

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Santa (Dec. 6, 1991)

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Santa (Dec. 24, 1991)


In honor of Christmas approaching, we dug into our Topeka Capital-Journal archives to find some Santa photos that we've taken throughout the years. 

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