Historic hounds - 50 dog photos from The Capital-Journal archives

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The mascot at Fort Scott Country Club, a three-month-old St. Bernard puppy, sits atop a golf bag and wistfully surveys the distant rough in search of a lost golfer. Etta and Ray Camarata, caterers at the club, own the puppy, named Rummy. They say when he attains his normal size, he may prove his worth to hardy golfers in wintertime by mushing through deepest snow to bring them a reviving dram. (Sept. 23, 1963)

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Females of all types seem afflicted with the need to have their hair up in curlers. Even this Yorkshire Terrier quietly sat with hair curlers under paper toweling in preparation for the judging at the Holyoke Kennel Club dog show in Northampton. The Yorkshire had pretty curls, but wasn't the top winner. (July 24, 1970)

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Dogs (June 19, 1974)

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Arnie, a mixed beagle pup owned by Anne Slice, joined her on the bicycle today for a trip to classes at Washburn University. She said she takes him along occasionally but that he's getting a little too large to share the books and other items she has to carry with her, so the day may be near when Arnie has to stay home. (April 25, 1972)

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The lead dog foaming with exertion, sled dogs and driver struggle up a hill during the race. Drivers often assist dogs by running and pushing the sled on the inclines. (March 9, 1972)

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Coco, a deaf Springer spaniel, perked up visibly when she first heard sound through earphones held by her owner, John Ives. At left, Dr. Larry J. Bradford, Menninger Foundation researcher, manipulated equipment that transmitted sounds to Coco. (April 8, 1972)

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Patrolman Larry Wonnell rewarded Major, one of seven dogs on the Topeka Police Dept. that are used in fighting crime. (Sept. 21, 1970)

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Dogs (July 9, 1975)

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Donovan for Charlemagne, a silver miniature poodle, got the works Saturday from his master, Jill Wittich, Joplin, Mo., before he entered the judging arena at the fifth annual "poodle weekend" at the Mid America Fairgrounds. Miss Wittich gave "Doni" the full hair and scalp treatment, complete with an assortment of dressing aids. (Oct. 18, 1970)

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Dogs (Feb 14, 1979)

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Mealtime is a bit of a struggle for the 17 pups crowding around their mother at the Robert Hughes home. The pups, too many for one mother to handle, have been split up into two teams, nine males and eight females, and the mother feeds one team at a time. Mrs. Karin Hughes, sat up 23 hours last Monday wile the mother delivered the litter, said she had taken her turn at feeding and burping - yes, burping - the little St. Bernards. Local kennel officials said 17 is "the kin of litter you hear about every 10 years." Average litter size for St. Bernards is 10 to 14. (April 23, 1973)

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He may not have been given direct orders to guard the clothes, but this Topeka pooch appeared to be doing it Monday. (Oct. 15, 1974)

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Becky, a springer spaniel, doesn't have much of a backhand, but is good at catching tennis balls. Getting her to turn loose of one is another matter, though, found Mrs. Glenn Leonardi, Wednesday at Central Park tennis courts. Sunshine made the outing pleasant for the Leonardis and their dog. (Jan. 2, 1975)

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Doghouse (August 17, 1975)

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Dog Museum (August 4, 1991)

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Brock Hilpert, 7, walked Ming, a Lhasa apso, during a Shawnee County Parks and Recreation dog obedience class. Instructor Rose Whitlock teaches students to avoid running after their dogs, because dogs can outrun their owners. (March 2, 1986)

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Dog obedience instructor Rose Whitlick, left, directed Cheryl Gentry to be more firm with Missie, a Yorkshire terrier. Missie is in the advanced class. (March 2, 1986)

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Dogs (August 24, 1973)

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Dogs (June 2, 1972)

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Hopefully these dogs will be adopted from among the many now housed in crowded pens at the Helping Hands Humane Society shelter. But none of the females ever again will add to Topeka's unwanted dog population through breeding. All females must be spayed before adoption. Shelter officials believe Topeka's dog problems could be solved by owners observing the city leash law and by spaying or neutering their pets. (Feb. 18, 1974)

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Dogs (Oct. 19, 1972)

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Dogs (March 13, 1975)

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Odd Bull, an 80-pound bulldog of Harry Dunn of Tuscaloosa, Ala. displays his feelings of the familiar form 1040A which is symbolic of many Americans as the income tax deadline of April 15 nears. (March 19, 1975)

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Dogs (March 9, 1973)

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Roy Clark, 3, a third-generation dog handler in Barnes, loaded a pup into a shipping crate. Roy's father, Dale, and grandfather Floyd are among the dog breeders in Washington County whose businesses gross more than $1 million total annually. (Nov. 7, 1973)

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Dogs (July 25, 1976)

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Dirk, an Airedale terrier, chewed on one of his favorite rocks at his home in rural Manhattan Saturday, while the children of Dirk's owners guarded the steps to their house. The Airedale specializes in chewing limestone rocks, which he takes from nearby quarries and lake bottoms. (May 11, 1975)

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Dogs (March 29, 1975)

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When the weather has gone to the dogs, it it possible for even Fifi to stay dry. Dog high fashion provides even umbrellas, rubber boots and raincoat. (Oct 24, 1973)

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Dogs (Nov. 22, 1970)

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A regular companion and vital assistant to the hunter is his dog which hunts by sniffing out the location of game birds and then points its nose and body toward the fowl. (Sept. 21, 1970)

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Tina, a seven-month-old Chihuahua, still gets under owner Irene Mohoney's feet. At 4.6 pounds, Tina is fully grown. (March 2, 1986)

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Even when Venture was a puppy, he had specially constructed stands for his food dishes (so he wouldn't have to bend over). (Nov. 22, 1970)

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Dogs (June 2, 1975)

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Dogs (March 4, 1979)

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Pete, an independent-thinking Dalmation pup, chose to ignore his master's directive and concentrated on the camera. (Mar 2, 1986)

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Dogs (May 15, 1973)

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Dogs (Nov. 22, 1970)

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Dogs (May 15, 1973)

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It was love at first sight for a Christmas puppy and Jimmy Heikes, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heikes, Marion, Kan., on a shopping trip Friday at a Topeka pet store. Many youngsters in Kansas will receive pets for Christmas - but there are advantages and disadvantages that should be considered carefully before the animals are purchased. (Dec. 2, 1972)

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Dogs (June 19, 1974)

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Jason Wishteyah, 5, don of Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wishteyah, was overcome by the giggles Sunday as he played with one of his dogs. (Sept. 22, 1975)

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Danny Grizzle, helper at the Wayne Strong kennels west of Abilene, chuckled as a litter of 2 1/2-month-old puppies worried his clothing, gnawed his ears and walked over his body. Racing greyhounds are as carefully socialized to humans as any family pet - and some may end their days in just that capacity. Greyhound men say they're "just great" i households if they are controlled. (Oct. 12, 1980)

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Strong returned some of his dogs to their cages after a short relief, watering and exercise period. Routine starts at 6:30 a.m., goes to midnight or later. Fifty-four dogs are housed in these climate-controlled quarters. Wire muzzles prevent them from chewing the carpet on the cage floors. (Oct. 12, 1980)

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Jim Creach, Abilene, rout 4, waited with his dog in the tackhouse for the next heat at the NGA quarter-mile track while three other greyhound owners "suited up" their animals. "They burn to compete," said one owner. "That's what it's all about." Average time, for a 3/16-mile race, is under 19 seconds. The dogs can average 35 m.p.h. around a short track. (Oct. 12, 1980)

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Mal Copeland sat with his two American Staffordshire terriers, Copeland's Mason Dixon, left, and Copeland's Cochise Shere Khan. The two dogs, which each weight more than 85 pounds, are registered with the American Kennel Club, and have been bred for their gentleness, Copeland said, no for fighting. (July 29, 1987)

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Jed Allen and Jack DeMave with Lassie. (Oct. 11, 1968)

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Dogs illustration (Feb. 3, 1986)

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Mike Scott pulled away from a well-aimed friendly lick on the face by his 10-week-ld pit bull, Nick. (Jan. 13, 1966)


Tucked in the corner just off of The Capital-Journal newsroom is a room with 3 rows of shelves struggling to contain all of the folders of printed photos that have been filed away during the course of the newspaper's 137 year history. Situated between folders labeled "DODGE CITY, Kansas" and "Dole Center for Human Development" are multiple folders related to dogs, including "DOG HOUSE, solar," "DOGS--Lassie" and "DOGCATHER." Here are 50 photos selected from those folders which we have dubbed "historic hounds." 

Seven hundred and ninety-five folders further up the shelf are two folders of cat photos. A selection of photos from those folders can be found in our "classic cats" slideshow here.

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