Classic cats - 50 cat photos from The Capital-Journal archives

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Cats (June 17, 1951)

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"Mitten," a kitten belonging to Eugene N. Spetter and family, waited unperturbed Friday for firemen to put out a fire in her home. (May 21, 1966)

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While 3-year-old Roger Foley of Ottawa, Canada, refuses to mug for the camera, his furry handful "Casper" poses without hesitation during the Miami cat show Sunday. Casper, a very white longhair Persian, is owned by Sandra Harris of Cooper City, Florida. Roger and his family just stopped by for Sunday amusement, although it seems Roger is none too amused by the whole situation. (November 14, 1978)

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Cats (November 16, 1974)

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Cats (September 9, 1970)

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Mac, a seven-to-eight-year-old part Persian cat, leaps with ease through a flaming hoop at the Animal Actors' ranch near Thousand Oaks, Calif. It took some six months of training to teach the former stray cat the routine of jumping, retrieving, sitting up and walking a tightrope. (July 6, 1979)

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Duncan Wright, executive director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, poses in New York recently with Big Bear, the cat. Big Bear, 3, has gained a reputation as a lifesaver because he has donated blood for critically ill cats in New York. (August 15, 1977)

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"Mica," a tomcat, perches on the window sill of the "house of the Future," new under construction at the New York World's Fair. Manager of the exhibit, being put up by the Formica Corp., says Mica is an uninvited guest in the building. (Feb. 27, 1964)

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Cats (September 9, 1970)

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What was good for the cat was good for his master Thursday afternoon. Frank Perkins was taking his 15-year-old cat, Simie, out for a walk when both took a rest near 8th and Buchanan. Simie, waiting at the end of a long leash, appeared ready to resume the stroll. (April 9, 1976)17

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His name is Grand Champion Acrobat's Deacon Blues of Jaanus, but to his owner, Maef Woods, Dayton, Ohio, he's just "Deacon," who loves to nuzzle and cuddle. The rare blue Abyssinian, shown at the Frontier Feline Fanciers cat show that was held Saturday and Sunday at Municipal Auditorium to become a grand champion. (April 15, 1985)

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The mother of these four Siamese kittens was killed when they were 12 days old, so Mrs. George Cunningham of Jacksonville, Fla., rigged up this artificial mother - four doll bottles in a rack. (April 27, 1961)

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Cindy, a 10-year-old cat, posed for photographers after winning the All-American Glamour Kitty Pageant in Miami Beach Saturday. The cat is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Don Petrulis of Mansfield, Mo. (July 27, 1969)

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Tanya Ward, seven-year-old sister of Mrs. Mickey Cowhick, help "Topi" as he took an afternoon feeding of milk from his plastic baby bottle. (September 25, 1974)

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Cats (August 8, 1971)

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Cats (May 18, 1958)

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Cats (December 14, 1979)

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Cats (August 23, 1977)

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Snowball, a kitten living in the stables at Longacres, near Seattle, demonstrates a speedy getaway when nuzzled by Grey Gale, a race horse. Maybe the kitten is showing that she could make a pretty quick start from the gate is she were to join in the competition. (July 21, 1964)

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Impatiently pacing the barn floor, the hungry tabby eyes its master, a western Illinois farmer, as he beings milking his herd. (July 24, 1964)

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Cats (July 25, 1961)

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Cats (August 8, 1971)

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Cats (December 1, 1977)

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Speedy, the cat, has chosen a somewhat dangerous spot for his daily naps. His favorite spot is atop the front wheel of an ambulance. Speedy is a pet of the Clem Switlik family of Parsons and finds seclusion and shade in this slumber spot - as long as the ambulance doesn't take off on a call. (July 29, 1961)

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Cats (Oct. 9, 1965)

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Cats (December 17, 1961)

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Twice each day, the sound of lids being popped off empty milk cans summons this old barn cat to a feline gourmet's treat - warm milk fresh from the cow. (July 24, 1964)

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Dining out appeared to be the order of business for this alley cat caught in the act in North Topeka Friday. Not one to be bashful, this roving feline got so caught up in the task at hand that he really put all of himself into the job of coming up with his next meal. (August 25, 1979)

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Cats (August 16, 1978)

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Mary Hines cuddled a prodigal Jerimiah after the cat was freed from a heat duct by chopping a hole in a wall. He was dirty, but otherwise unruffled by the confining ordeal. (January 31, 1975)

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A mother cat, sensing that critical time, crawled beneath a parked car Wednesday afternoon at Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center where she eventually gave birth to two kittens. After a long wait to accommodate motherhood, the car was backed out slowly from its stall. The parking spot then was roped off for the exclusive use of the cat family. The mother here administers the initial ablution to one of the kittens. The other is snuggled close to her. (May 7, 1964)

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Cats (September 9, 1970)

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Cats (December 19, 1976)

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With the increase in apartment living, the number of cats has greatly increased due to the lack of space for a dog to romp. Cats require little space and are ideal apartment pets. (August 8, 1971)

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When feeding your friendly feline, most anything goes. Commercial suppliers provide such treats as kidney flavor feast, chopped sardines, horse meat, tender meat by-products and tuna prepared every way imaginable. (August 8, 1971)

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Cats (August 8, 1971)

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Tom, held by his owner Joy Sanders, is the undisputed winner of an aerial dispute over Topeka between the cat and a chicken hawk. (March 7, 1959)

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Cats (February 3, 1976)

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Lt. Al E. Cat, official mouse cathcer at P.D. (March 10, 1976)

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Neither the nutritional value nor the little "extras" in the pet food are of much concern to the pet. The animal is more interested in merely satisfying his hunger. In any event, the pet owner is usually reassured that he is doing his duty when he sees his pet lick his chops with a self-contented air. (September 9, 1970)

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Sammy, a cat, is a regular attendant at kindergarten classes in Winfield. Here he poses in a headdress he wore at an Indian pow-wow pupils held recently. (December 21, 1961)

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Denise Johnston, president of the National Cat Protection Society is surrounded by cats at her shelter in Long Beach, Calif., where neglected felines find a home and place for retirement. (May 4, 1993)

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A pair of 2-week-old skunks found in East Omaha, NEb., was turned over to the Nebraska Humane Society. The skunks were given room and board with Kitty Cat, who has four kittens of her own. Human Society officials said the skunks have little odor except when frightened. Kitty Cat is mothering them calmly until they are big enough to fend for themselves in the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. (June 24, 1971)

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Cats (November 8, 1991)

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Cat judge Marion Hall, Jeffersonville, Ind., scrutinized a Somali cat at the Topeka Cat Fanciers show Saturday. The show continues from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at the Knights of Columbus, 3907 Burlingame. (September 4, 1988)

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"Cacao Escapade," a seal-point Himalayan cat, submitted to the careful cosmetic efforts of Marilyn Matsukis, Lincoln, Neb., before being shown by its owner, Rebeckah Altschul, Topeka. The cat is a participant in the Land of Oz Cat Show at Topeka's Municipal Auditorium. (November 23, 1986)

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Cats (November 16, 1984)

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Judge Diana Doernberg inspected a long-haired cat at the Land of Oz Cat Show at Municipal Auditorium on Sunday. The cat show continues today at the auditorium from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (April 6, 1986)

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Cats (April 15, 1997)

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Country Shire's Casanova, Lola Scheier's chinchilla silver Persian cat, received finishing touches before the judging at a purebred cat show at Municipal Auditorium Saturday. Scheier traveled from Lee's Summit, Mo., to take part in the show, sponsored by the Land of Oz Cat Club. (Nov. 24, 1985)


Tucked in the corner just off of The Capital-Journal newsroom is a room with 3 rows of shelves struggling to contain all of the folders of printed photos that have been filed away during the course of the newspaper's 137 year history. Situated between folders labeled "Castor Bean Growers Inc" and "CATARACTS Eye Surgery" are two folders simply called "CATS." Here are 50 photos selected from those folders which we have dubbed "classic cats." 

The oldest photo is dated for June 17, 1951, just a month before the major flood. The most recent was taken in April of 1997. 

Seven hundred and ninety-five folders further down the shelf are multiple dog related folders. A selection of photos from those folders can be found in our "historic hounds" slideshow here.

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