TBT to Topeka Zoo animals from yesteryear

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In this July 12, 1989 file photograph, Samburu, a 3-year-old, 437-pound African lion, looked curiously at an early morning crowd of zoo keepers and visitors to the Topeka Zoo on Tuesday morning. The crowd was protected by a thick glass wall set in an artificial rock formation that provides the major viewing point for the new Lions Pride exhibit area.

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In this June 15, 1970 file photograph, Gary Clarke, director of the Topeka Zoo, rested his rifle on the cab of a pickup as he and other members of the staff prepared to fire a tranquilizer dart into a 450-pound Bengal tiger, which stalked through the zoo grounds this morning. The shot was a success and the big cat was returned to his cage. He was scheduled to awaken from his unexpected nap late this afternoon.

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In this August 6, 1971 file photograph, the Topeka zoo's young American Golden Eagle, left, posed with his father, right, and mother this week. The young eagle, hatched May 2, 1971, is the first of its kind known to have been hatched in captivity and survived. It went on display about six weeks ago. The eaglet is one of two hatched at the zoo, the other died.

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In this March 29, 1986 file phootgraph, the Topeka Zoo's baby orangutans will go on public view for the first time Sunday. Rudy, at left with Piper Kimball, veterinarian technician, was an old hand at having her picture taken. But it was a new experience Friday for Joey, 6 weeks, with Alice Miser, area supervisor.

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In this November 29, 1988 file illustration, this is a drawing of Zoo 2000, the new master plan for the Topeka Zoo, which calls for $6 million in physical improvements over the next 12 years. The plan, which was officially presented to public and zoo officials Monday night, also recommends changes in the zoo's management structure.

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In this July 14, 1972 file photograph, one of six tiger cubs decided he was going to allo Topeka zoo director Gary Clarke to scrutinize only so closely -- and then put a stop to it.

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In this December 13, 1985 file photograph, Rudy, 2-week-old Bornean orangutan, was held Thursday by Alice Miser, area supervisor at the Topeka Zoo, in a brief interlude out of an Isolette that keeps the baby warm and protected from infections. The tiny orangutan will not be on exhibit for several months.

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In this July 9, 1981 file photograph, it had been some time since Max had been put on the scales. The animal had gained considerable weight and presented a problem for education director Ron Kaufman and assistant director Mike LaRue.

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In this March 29, 1973 file photograph, Shiro, Topeka's young polar bear, still hums to himself.


In honor of the new elephants at the Topeka Zoo, here are some old images from the Capital-Journal archives of animals doing their thing in the capital city.

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