Letter: Say no to another Tyson for Congress

Caryn Tyson has announced her candidacy for Congress to replace Lynn Jenkins. Tyson chaired the Senate Committee on Taxation and released the bill to the Senate that gave us the largest tax increase in state history, where she voted against it to no avail. She chaired the committee that that could have killed the bill, but she voted for it. Then with typical self-serving, duplicitous sleight of hand, she voted against it in on the floor of the Senate. She wanted it both ways. She was for it before she was against it. Sound familiar?

Driving around Tonganoxie, I saw a plethora of “No Tyson in Tongy” signs. Were they referring to the state senator from Parker who “feathered” her bed by “plucking” the citizens of Kansas of their money? No, they were referring to the chicken plucker from the south that almost overwhelmed a small community that did not have the infrastructure to support a plant of that magnitude. Additionally, the good citizens of Tonganoxie did not want the pleasure of having to pay Tyson for their plant.

We don’t need a Tyson plucking chickens in Tonganoxie and we don’t need a Tyson plucking the citizens of Kansas in Washington, D.C. If the last election cycle told us anything, it is that business as usual in Washington must end. We don’t need a Tyson plucking us here and then feeding us to the swamp creatures there.




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