Letter: Some questions about gun ownership in Topeka

I would welcome a carefully researched article in the Capital-Journal that quotes exactly the latest laws that govern gun ownership and use in Topeka. I have talked with the owner of a local pawn shop and with a member of our police force, both of whom were helpful, but I sure would like to see the information in print.


It’s my understanding that Kansas law allows anyone 21 or older to “open carry” a gun or to “concealed carry” with a $300 permit that requires some training and/or demonstrable ability to handle the registered weapon. I believe the concealed carry permit is recognized in 36 other states. I have no problem with those laws, but the details and difficult of enforcement raise some questions.

What kinds of guns do our concealed-carry laws cover? Does anything go, so long as a person can successfully hide it from view?

In what circumstances are our law enforcement officers allowed to question a person about concealed carry without triggering charges of profiling?

Do property owners have the right to deny entry to legally carrying a gun? The question obviously excludes law enforcement personnel.

How easy is it for an underage person to obtain a gun?

Why do we assume that people with criminal intent will abide by laws governing the ownership and use of weapons?

What assurance do we have that gun dealers use the available means of carefully vetting potential buyers?




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