Letter: Inescapable history

Last summer, we took a KU student from India to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow Wow and showed him the distance between Cheryl Brown’s home and Sumner School on the way back to Lawrence.

He and I discussed the British and American forms of colonialism in India and with indigenous nations here. There are vestiges of caste systems and segregation there and here. They’re not in the past. Today evolved from that era. Unfortunately, people with culpability want to diminish that history and how they benefit from it — as if those attitudes have disappeared.

Emporia Gazette editor William Allen White ran against the KKK candidate for Kansas governor in the 1920s when Republican Warren Harding was president and there was an anti-immigrant and anti-minority wave in the U.S. like there is now. Who will be the conscience this time? Who will say “enough”?




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