Letter: Three options for fixing our healthcare system

Everyone needs to tell their representatives in Washington what they want in a new health care law. Our options fall into three categories:


1. Replace Obamacare. So far, proposals by the GOP have all been worse than Obamacare. This is because members of the GOP are working for health insurance companies while saying they are working for you. Everything they have proposed keeps insurance companies in the loop.

2. Improve Obamacare. This would be better than what we have if it could be done right, but Republicans would have to work with Democrats, and I don’t think they will do that.

3. Single-payer system. This would provide all of our citizens with the best health care while costing no more than what we pay now. It could even cost less.

Health providers are used to dealing with Medicare, so they would be happy to trade their dealings with troublesome private health insurance companies for dealing with an entity similar to Medicare. Everyone could also see the doctor or doctors of their choice. Sometimes insurance companies don’t agree with your doctor about what you should have, and they won’t pay for what your doctor recommends. But with a single-payer system, there would be no conflict.

Your representatives in Washington will continue to do what insurance companies want unless they hear from their constituents. Please tell them to support single-payer health care.




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