Letter: Commission to investigate election integrity must be bipartisan

Kansas officials have refused to release information as demanded by the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. (File photograph/The Capital-Journal)

“Partisan commission”

I am very heartened that Kansas officials have refused to release information as demanded by the clearly partisan and biased Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. I do not want my personal information shared with this commission because I do not trust the intentions of its members.

Republicans claim that illegal voting threatens the integrity of elections. Democrats are convinced that Republicans have created a bogus issue in order to suppress voting. Given that this is such a hotly contested partisan issue, a commission to investigate election integrity absolutely must be bipartisan. How can we trust the findings of this commission when the integrity of the commission itself is in doubt?


Raymond Wolf 6 days ago
Bipartisan sounds really good, if only it were actually used to accomplish good. I have seen some republicans trying to use bipartisanism to get things accomplished but it doesn't work. It is more a tool used by democrats to say do it our way and think like we do and we will call it bipartisan and you look good. If not then with the help of the liberal media you will be tarred and feathered as a bigoted, intolerant,  racist, hater. There are two sides to this street but only one is passable, the other is full of potholes that will ruin your car.
ALAN LUNN 6 days ago
First Trump is humiliated that he lost the popular election by a huge margin, then he ignores the pitiful turnout at his inauguration.  These realities don't jibe with the fantasy in his head that he is a savior.  Next, Kobach tells him that the millions of fake voters did this to him.  That's it! I can hear Trump say.  Like fake news it was a fake election.  Sad!

This "investigation" has nothing to do with "integrity." Quite the opposite. It's reaching through Americans' right to privacy to build a case that isn't there.  Will they turn this data over to oligarch Mercer so they can update Cambridge Analytica and orchestrate a vast digital brainwash in coming elections?  Kobach has already banished ballots on suspicion of voter fraud that doesn't exist.  Nobody wants to go to prison to cast an extra vote unless they're seriously delusional.
Gary Sandell 6 days ago
The only ones being "delusional" seem to be the Liberal Democrats who want us all to believe that they are only concerned with "fairness" in the voting process......yeah, right!  If they thought for one minute that the illegals and others were voting for Republicans, they would be demanding Congressional hearings on the subject, immediately!
Chad Billings 2 days ago
Not really, no. We don't believe it exists in any real way that makes a difference. One or two possible fraudulent votes does not justify knocking tens of thousands of eligible voters from the voting rolls. That's just in Kansas. I can only imagine what it would be nationally. If you republicans thought for even a minute that tens of thousands of republicans would be getting knocked off the rolls you would be screaming so loud we'd be deaf.


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