Letter: A friendly encounter with Topekans

Lewis Toyota. (Google Maps)

“Friendly Topekans”


On my way from Palacios, Texas to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, I pulled off the Kansas Turnpike to get gas at a place called Larry’s Shortstop — a recommendation from a fellow working at the toll plaza there. While slowing down (and after getting gas) I noticed a horrible sound coming from my vehicle. I got out, looked all around and saw that I was not dragging anything.

Pondering what to do, I noticed the Ed Bozarth Chevrolet/GMC dealership across the road. I whipped into the service area. A fellow whose name I did not get (his desk is in front of David King’s, according to their little name signs) helped me. Although he had plenty of work to do, he took the time to listen to my car and analyze the problem. Then he suggested I go to the Toyota dealership for help with brakes or wheel bearings/hubs, both bad news on a 1,300-mile trip.

Upon arrival at the Lewis Toyota service area, a fellow named David Roberts came out to help me. Although there were two lines of cars awaiting service, he took the time to listen to the noise my car was making. He drove my car and diagnosed the problem — I had a frozen caliper on my front-right brake. After a two-hour wait with my large dog, Emily, in the dealership’s waiting room, I was back on the road.

I cannot say enough about the friendliness of everyone I met at both dealerships, as well as the fellow at the toll plaza. The next time I drive through your fine city, I will make a point of staying a day or two and learning more about your community, although I will need help finding a motel that takes pets. Thanks again.




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