Letter: Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord shows lack of understanding

President Trump’s announcement that the U.S.will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is yet another example of his lack of understanding of how public policy is made, where “give and take” dictate the outcome.

Trump’s approach draws from his real estate experience, where the “deal” is between private parties. His justification focuses on deficiencies with the accord that ignore the benefits. He promises to renegotiate a better deal for America, but his track record in renegotiating better deals is woefully inadequate. He promised to do a similar thing regarding the Affordable Care Act, but so far he hasn’t been able to deliver. His excuse regarding health care is that it’s “complicated.” Are measures for climate control any easier? This is just another situation where it is a lot easier to destroy something than to create it. In the meantime the seas rise, while the U.S. president has his head stuck in the sand.




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