Michael P. Kiley: New ways to work for Topeka

As I’ve often noted while speaking to many different audiences, Kansas is good for Security Benefit and Security Benefit is good for Kansas.


In 2017, that message continues to resonate for many reasons. From pro-business government leaders and committed corporate executives to a skilled workforce and top universities from which to draw talent, Shawnee County and northeast Kansas have what growing companies need.

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer continues to make connecting the state’s insurance companies with higher education in Kansas a top priority through the successful Kansas Insurance Certificate Program. By virtue of persistent efforts resulting in hard won victories, Matt Pivarnik and his team at GO Topeka are making great strides in showcasing our capital city of Topeka. Our colleagues and friends at Downtown Topeka, Inc. and all the associated organizations and businesses are working tirelessly to elevate Topeka into a destination capital city for work and play.

On behalf of Security Benefit and indeed the entire financial services sector, we have wholeheartedly embraced and joined in these efforts.

The collective economic impact to Topeka from Security Benefit and our sister company SE2 alone is more than $300 million annually and growing. While our home office has been in Topeka for 125 years, we have satellite offices in Overland Park and elsewhere around the country. As a leader in the retirement savings industry, the company has more than $36 billion of assets, almost tripling its size over the past six years. During that same time, we’ve grown the number of our associates from 550 to more than 1,300, many of whom invest their time and talents back into their local communities.

In Kansas, we have what it takes to compete with other states to attract additional prominent financial services companies, if we all grab an oar. As with most complex issues, there is no easy solution. It takes a variety of strengths and resources converging to create an inviting opportunity.

I believe that this alignment of forces, supported by a well-focused public-private partnership, is our best strategy, and the time and opportunity is now.

Michael P. Kiley has been the CEO of Security Benefit Corporation since 2010.



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