As a woman of color who happens to also be a columnist, I realize not all share my opinion. However, it is important for one to form an opinion on things that matter, and even more important to live in a country where opinions can be freely exchanged.

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Letter: A telling analogy

One detective finds another detective conspiring with criminals to shut off all bank alarm systems in town. The first detective reports the... Read more

Letter: Kansas economy rebounding

On June 11, The Topeka Capital-Journal published an article titled “Kansas’ economic outlook shifting with reversal of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax policy.”... Read more

It's Our Opinion

Thu, 06/22/2017 - 22:58

Editorial: A status quo that can’t persist

In 1974, students could attend a high-quality public university for $1,250 per semester. You may think this makes sense given how much... Read more