Kris Kobach under investigation by Kansas Supreme Court disciplinary office

A disciplinary office operated by the Kansas Supreme Court has opened an investigation into Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach after receiving a complaint.


Keri Strahler, 47, of Topeka, said she received a letter over the weekend that says allegations she made against Kobach “will be investigated” and that an investigator would be in contact with her. Strahler said Monday that she has not yet heard from anyone at the court since receiving the letter Saturday.

Supreme Court spokeswoman Lisa Taylor said she could not confirm or comment on the investigation because proceedings in the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator are confidential, but she said complainants and respondents in investigations can release the information. The administrator “reviews complaints of misconduct against lawyers, conducts investigations, holds public hearings when appropriate, and recommends discipline to the Supreme Court in serious matters,” according to the office website.

Kobach’s spokeswoman Samantha Poetter said in an email that Kobach’s office was reviewing the investigation and had no comment.

Disciplinary Administrator Stan Hazlett said the office gets between 800 and 1,000 cases a year and dockets about one third of them for a formal investigation. About 50 a year will get some kind of hearing or disciplinary action, he said. They could then get dismissed or result in admonition or diversion or more serious punishment through the Supreme Court, like censure, suspension, probation or disbarment. Hazlett said about 25 cases each year make it to the Supreme Court.

Strahler said Monday that she thought Kobach had shown a lack of respect for the courts. In her letter to the court, Strahler said she thought there were “ethical questions surrounding Mr. Kobach’s behavior as an attorney.”

She cited previous news articles regarding Kobach’s failure to respond quickly enough to a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union and a fine he received for misleading the court.

“It just irks me to no end that he should act that way in our courts,” Strahler said.

Strahler, a Washburn University student, said she has never filed a complaint against Kobach before and has not heard from his office regarding the investigation.

Kobach also faces a complaint that he violated federal law by using his position as vice chair of President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission to further his campaign for Kansas governor. The commission faces several lawsuits over its work.

Kobach announced his bid for governor last month in Lenexa and has made immigration, taxation and ending a “culture of corruption” in Topeka centerpieces of his campaign.

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Dillard Jenkins 5 days ago
When is Kansas going to replace the despicable 81 year old parasite Pat Roberts. The man's heart is as cold as an iceberg. I'm beginning to believe the people of Kansas love to suffer.  

He's owned and operated by Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big...Whatever. He's too old to change and is the prime example of the effects that the Koch Machine and others like them have rendered to representative politics in Washington and at state levels nation-wide. Until campaign financial reform takes place, our futures will continue to head over the cliff.
Debbie debbie 5 days ago
It's time for him to move along.  Arizona has the same problem.
Deplorable Myiq2xu™ 4 days ago
They hounded Sarah Palin with bogus ethics complaints too.
aka KJB 4 days ago
You mean all of the complaints noting Palin's utter lack of ethics? Nope, those were all confirmed.
Michael Schindler 4 days ago
MerriAnnie Smith 4 days ago
Thanks, Keri Strahler
JANET MILLER 4 days ago
Keri Strahler is a worthless little libtard that just likes to stir the pot....she hasn't been herself since Trump was elected by the people of the United States.
Hobart Huffines 4 days ago
Oh, Janet, you are one of "those".  Thinking people in the room may now do eye roll, assuming you have not already.
Theodore Calvin 4 days ago
I know you don't care, but using the phrase "libtard" just goes to show how tone deaf and socially illiterate you truly are.  Your combining of the word liberal, and the other socially unacceptable word to describe someone with disabilities, combine to make this phrase that is intended to be offensive to "liberals".  It is really just offensive to everyone, and lets anyone know that you are ignorant and a bigot, and to disregard your inane comments.
Bill McKean 4 days ago

I am not a Kobachsupporter because he is a political opportunist who like every other Kansas attorney-politicianonly accumulated more political power by following Reagan’s 11thcommandment remaining quiet about the systemic bipartisan judicial andgovernment corruption and instead demagoguing about an incendiary divisive issuesuch as abortion or illegal immigration. I may have to change my mind aboutKobach now that all hell appears to be breaking loss because Kobach now wants toexpose systemic corruption in state government. Kobach should start by contactingState Rep. John Bradford about his allegation of a $15,000,000-$40,000,000 annualMEDICAID fraud involving CVS-CAREMARK failing to rebate back drug discounts toKANCARE.  The publisher and editors of TopekaCapital Journal appear to be apologists for the worst type of civil rightsatrocities and corruption (which makes sense because it was owned for manyyears by John Stauffer, the father-in-law of wannabe GOP presidential candidateSam Brownback.  One-third of the 250 prisonguards traded contraband for sexual favors with inmates at the Topeka Women’s Prisonfor many years, but the story was not broken until 2010 when attorney KeenUmbehr filed a lawsuit. IMHO the Capital Journal had to know about the sexualabuse, but covered it up while Brownback ran for president.  Not surprisingly gangsters running the KansasSupreme court and Kansas Judicial Administration retaliated by having theOffice of Attorney Discipline Stanton Hazlett file complaints against Umbehr.


There is a reason why SRSSecretary Robb Siedlecki left Kansas and went back to Florida after one year: CPScorruption is so blatant in Kansas because Stanton Hazlett’s brother AllanHazlett is a prominent adoption attorney. There is a reason why Board of HealingArts Executive Director Jack Confer quit and filed a lawsuit against BOHA oneyear after being recruited from Arizona: The BOHA covered up for months andminimized the punishment for Richard Egelof, the Wichita family family physicianwho prescribed powerful psychotropic drugs and then raped the mother of one ofmy 5th graders that I coached in soccer.


There is a directconnection between the newspaper journalists and television station executives andthe good old boy-Mason-satanist MAFIA controlling Kansas courts and theprof4sional discipline boards. 18th Judicial Judge Jeff Goering ismarried to physician Tana (from KSN’s Ask Dr. Tana) who is Egeloff’s partner atNorthest Wichita Family Physicians.  Former KAKE news director is married to KBA president,Rachel Pirner who should be disbarred and in prison for suborning forgery in aprobate court case in which the real estate of Todd Wait was stolen fromhim.  Wait told me that in a hearingbefore Judge Douglas Roth that Pirner suggested to Roth that Wait be sent to amental hospital for a mental health examination even though he had just beenreleased from 59 days in jail for contempt of court.


The late State Rep.Jim Morrison and former county Commissioner Kelly parks both told me that theyhave extensive documented files on corruption which they have copied intriplicate and gave to other members in law enforcement or a capital revisorthat they trusted.  I am sure there areother ethical politicians that have kept secret recordings or paper documents provingsystemic criminal racketeering.  If Trumpappointed Kobach as US Attorney for Kansas and Kobach conducted aggressivegrand jury hearings, half of the judges and prosecutors in Wichita would go toprison.  Kobach could become an attractive VP candidate in 2020 if Trump decides not to run.       

James Wiske 4 days ago
"Culture of corruption in Topeka?"  Topeka, and thus Kansas, is controlled by republicans who are in turn controlled by the Koch Brothers.  What is Kobach saying here?  Accidentally telling the truth?
JANET MILLER 4 days ago
Another witch hunt by the worthless KSC. It's bad enough that they have stuck their nose into the public school funding where it doesn't belong.
Ash McGonigal 3 days ago
Maybe stop insulting people and read a book. Your ignorance is profound.
Anna Munoz 4 days ago

“Critics say such requirements suppress voter turnout, particularly among young and minority voters, and that there have been few cases of fraud in the past.”


Hockey Puck!  This is just a very lame load of hogwash out of the Liberal Left.

Three professors atOld Dominion University — Mr. Richman, Gulshan A. Chattha and David C. Earnest — took these answers, did further research and extrapolated that of a 19.4 million estimate of adult noncitizens, about 620,000 were illegally registered to vote in the 2008 presidential election. Using other measuring tools, they said, the actual number of noncitizen voters could be as low as 38,000 and as high as 2.8 million.”


1.    Dead people voting in Colorado

2.    Illegals found voting in Virginia; only discovered after they self-reported.

3.    Some Pennsylvania citizens voting twice.

4.    Illegal voters uncovered in Philadelphia; have had previously voted.

5.    Voter rigging triggers probe in Texas.

6.    Indiana voter fraud investigation grows to 56 counties

7.    Three under investigation in Oklahoma for voting twice in the presidential primary.

8.    Election fraud in Kentucky.

9.    Underage voters found voting in Wisconsin’s presidential primary.

10. Voter registration cards sent to illegals in Pennsylvania



Secretary Kobach is just trying to do his job – keep things fair and on the up and up when people come to the voting poll places to cast their votes.  If this is what it’s going to take to make sure that no illegal immigrant, no underage person, no duplicate voting, no fraudulent voting occurs then I’m all for what Secretary Kobach is doing.  It’s pretty bad that steps like these that Secretary Kobach has had to introduce, but it’s needed because there are too many dishonest jerks out there who would cheat the system. 


I sincerely hope that there are stricter penalties introduced and enforced on those who willfully,knowingly, cheat the system.  

Theodore Calvin 4 days ago
If you think he's trying to keep things fair, then Im sure you would be all for him supporting registration drives, helping elderly and underprivileged individuals obtain the proper documentation free of charge to them, looking back at our state elections as requested by the WSU stats professor, etc.  Had he followed up his suppression with acts mentioned, then people may have believed him.
Anna Munoz 4 days ago
I don't give a damned about what you are trying to peddle there....   sounds like you're all for illegal immigrants voting when they don't pay taxes or apply for citizenship, teenagers who are not yet 18 voting, idiots who go through twice to vote, etc. You're a real piece of work there. 
Theodore Calvin 4 days ago
Didn't say a word about those darned illegals.  If you would read my statement you would have understood that the things I mentioned would have benefited existing citizens who should be able to vote.  Way to twist my words into something they were not, at least we can all see your true agenda.
Anna Munoz 3 days ago
oh I read your statement...... basically, you're glossing over ...i.e. "ignoring" the reason for Kobach's wanting stricter laws.  
Theodore Calvin 3 days ago
I didn't mention the word "illegal" or "immigrant" once.  I am not glossing over anything.  What I am saying is that his verbalized reasoning seems to be going against the actions he is taking.  His actions may very well be intended to stop illegals, but in the meanwhile it is also stopping a lot of ordinary citizens, and he doesn't seem to be stepping in to help these folks.  Instead he is doubling down and insisting he is correct.  If he truly had everyone's interest at heart he would have employed his tactics, but ensured a way for these folks to obtain ID and register without hassle.  He has certainly followed through making it harder for illegals, as well as legals, which seems to be counter-intuitive to the supposed mission of the secretary of state, to not only administer the voting process and ensure its security, but also ensure people who are legal to vote don't have unnecessary obstacles preventing them from voting. 
Anna Munoz 3 days ago
and what I'm saying is that you're making the same lame excuses like the rest of the libs trying to fight common sense at every turn.
MerriAnnie Smith 3 days ago
Anna, if what you're talking about is common sense, then you need to do some looking inward at your own notions.
JANET MILLER 3 days ago
Anna, trying to argue with these libturds is like beating your head against a wall, they're too stupid too see the truth...they were all brainwashed by barry and hitlery... and did you see the latest on MSN (home of the libturds) Trump has a higher approval rating then funny.
Ash McGonigal 3 days ago
Did you actually read the methodology behind that Old Dominion study? It's hilarious. Anyone who cites it is either ignorant or lying. Let me illuminate it for you so if you cite it in the future you'll definitely be lying.

It was a phone survey with over a hundred questions, one of which was "are you a citizen?" and another was "did you vote?" Out of over 32,000 responses, 339 reported that they weren't citizens. Of those 339, there were 39 who reported that they voted. Respondents answered by pressing buttons on their phone, which is important because 39 out of 32,000 is actually a little low for wrong button presses.

But rather than correctly chalking that up as a rounding error, they decided that meant ten percent of all non-citizens voted. Which is stupid.

Then you cited it without knowing that it was made-up nonsense. Which even stupider.


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