2017 primary mayoral candidate: Mark Weiser

Topeka mayoral candidate Mark Weiser responds to a question at July 19’s mayoral candidate forum. (July 2017 file photograph/The Capital-Journal)

Why are you running for mayor?


I am running to make a difference from the Old School way of doing business. We need fresh ideas and forward thinking in the Mayor’s office. Someone to bring the City into the 21st Century with the latest Technology and Businesses.

What do you see as being the key issues in this election? Without going into too much detail, where do you stand on them?

From the general public or those that I have met at their homes or on the street. The number one issue is Public Safety. Everything from Property Crime to Murder is of great concern to the average citizen here in our City. I would like to implement with the Topeka Police Department a more visceral approach in Community Policing. Having officers walk beats in high crime areas and meet the people and get to know them and local business owners.

At a time when Topeka tied its homicide record last year and is on pace to set a new one this year, what do you suggest doing about crime?

I would love to have a set down with our Law Enforcement Leaders and Judaical Representatives to see if there are any Budget concerns or tweaks to our annual budget to help resolve some issues and get more officers on the streets.

What’s your stance regarding city government investment in the revitalization of downtown Topeka?

I am wondering what the end result is going to be, what is the current plans this year and next year. How long is the project going to be and how much is it costing Topekans. The citizens have a right to be informed on how and where their tax dollars is be spent and utilized.

What do you think of the current version of the proposed 2018 city budget, for which the city’s governing body plans to hear public comments Aug. 8 and consider taking action Aug. 15?

The budget is extremely tight and every dollar coming in is going right out the door. This is not a way to run a Government. There has to be a cushion in the budget for unforeseen issues that is bound to occur. There is no wiggle room. My household budget does not even work this way.

What do you think Topeka’s city government does well?

The availability of information on what the government does with open records is amazing online.