Darrell Stewart to receive Topeka City of Character

Darrell Stewart was forced to learn at young age how to support himself after his mother died.

Then just 15-years-old, Stewart began working nights at the Jostens Publishing plant while attended high school classes in the morning with goal of living up to his mother’s wish that he have a better life. On Wednesday Stewart will be honored the Topeka City of Character recognition during the 11:30 a.m. Safe Streets Coalition meeting at Great Overland Station, Shawnee County Parks and Recreation said in a release.

For more than 30 years Stewart has opened his home to foster children and has been devoted to improving circumstances for many young Topekans.

For many years he oversaw the Hillcrest Community Center with the philosophy that the more time kids spent in the center doing something positive and productive, the less time they spent on the streets. Now as a community outreach manager for Shawnee County Parks and Recreation he works with neighborhood associations and and other community partners to improve parks and other recreational services.