Student leaders condemn posters with white supremacist messages posted at Kansas State University

Kansas State University and the student body leadership at the school on Wednesday condemned posters that were recently found on campus. (Twitter)

Kansas State University students awoke Wednesday morning to see various posters and flyers containing white supremacist messages attached to trees across campus.


University officials said the posters did not reflect the values of the university, while student body president and vice president Jack Ayres and Olivia Baalman issued a statement calling for students to unequivocally stand against the type of hatred the messages reflect.

Ayres and Baalman called the posters “hateful” and “ignorant,” adding “We are appalled by the hate contained in the posters and other propaganda found on our campus this morning.”

They asked students to stand against the posters by wearing purple Thursday to show their commitment as an inclusive campus, and to participate in forums such as the “Cats for Inclusion” town hall meeting scheduled to take place Sept. 25 on campus.

University officials issued a statement saying the publicity and bulletin board rules the university maintains do not regulate posters based on the viewpoint their content expresses, which would be in violation of the First Amendment.

However, the university does maintain restrictions regarding when and where materials can be posted, and bans the posting of signs and flyers except for those put up on designated bulletin boards in campus buildings with the approval of KSU’s facilities division.