Elections 2016

General voter guide

*Denotes incumbents.

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U.S. Senator

Jerry Moran* - R

Patrick Wiesner - D

Robert D. Garrard - L

U.S. Representative — 1st District

Kerry Burt - L

Alan LaPolice - I

Roger Marshall - R

U.S. Representative — 2nd District

James Houston Bales - L

Lynn Jenkins* - R

Britani Potter - D

U.S. Representative — 3rd District

Steven A. Hohe - L

Jay Sidie - D

Kevin Yoder* - R

U.S. Representative — 4th District

Miranda Allen - I

Gorden J. Bakken - L

Daniel B. Giroux+ - D

Mike Pompeo* - R

State Senator — 18th District

Dave Jackson - R

Laura Kelly* -D

State Senator — 19th District

Zach Haney -R

Anthony Hensley* -D

State Senator — 20th District

Candace Ayars - D

Vicki Schmidt* - R

State Representative — 47th District

Michael D. Caddell - D

Ron Ellis - R

State Representative — 50th District

Chris Huntsman - D

Fred C. Patton* - R

State Representative — 51st District

Ron Highland* - R

Adrienne Olejnik - D

State Representative — 52nd District

Brenda S. Dietrich - R

State Representative — 53rd District

Jim Gartner* -D

Richard Kress - R

State Representative — 54th District

Renae Hansen - D

Ken Corbet* - R

State Representative — 55th District

Annie Kuether* - D

State Representative — 56th District

Virgil Weigel - D

Lane Hemsley* - R

State Representative — 57th District

John Alcala - D

State Representative — 58th District

Vic Miller - D

District Attorney — 3rd District

Mike Kagay - R

Shawnee County Sheriff

Herman Jones* - R

Shawnee County Commissioner — 2nd District

Kevin Cook* - D

Shawnee County Commissioner — 3rd District

Bob Archer* - R

Shawnee County Register of Deeds

Marilyn L. Nichols - D

Becky Nioce* - R

Shawnee County Treasurer

Larry K. Mah* - D

Shawnee County Clerk

Cynthia "Cyndi" Beck* - R

Kansas Board of Education - 2nd District

Chris Cindric - D

Steve Roberts* - R

Kansas Board of Education - 4th District

Ann E. Mah - D

Sue E. Mollenkamp - R

Kansas Board of Education- 6th District

Aaron E. Estabrook - I

Deena L. Horst* - R

Kansas Supreme Court Justices

Carol A. Beier*

Dan Biles*

Lawton R. Nuss*

Marla Luckert*

Caleb Stegall*

Voting in the general election

Registration deadline: Oct. 18.

How to register: By filling out a Kansas voter registration application that’s available online, or can be picked up at any of these registration locations.

What you need: A picture ID such as a driver’s license.

Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Locations: Listed on your registration certificate, or can be found online here.

General election: Nov. 8

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