St. Francis not expected to allow guns despite upcoming KU Health ownership

St. Francis Health will not be required to allow concealed handguns in its hospital. (File photo/The Capital-Journal)

The Kansas Legislature is debating the issue of whether guns can be carried into state-operated mental health and medical facilities, which includes the University of Kansas Health System.


However that plays out for those facilities, St. Francis Health is expected to continue its current practice of banning guns from its facilities, said Nikki Sloup, spokeswoman for St. Francis Health.

St. Francis is in the process of being acquired by KU Health System and Nashville, Tenn.-based Ardent Health, which raised the question of whether the facility might fall under the category of state-operated facilities.

“The current law allowing concealed carry in public buildings is not anticipated to apply to St. Francis,” Sloup said. “The law applies to public hospitals, and St. Francis will not be a public hospital.”

However, KU Health and Ardent will continue to monitor the Legislature’s actions should any affect St. Francis.

Ardent Health doesn’t allow guns on its campuses.

“Your safety is a top priority. Therefore, the only guns allowed at our facilities are those that law enforcement or authorized security officers carry. Immediately report any violence you see or suspect,” Ardent’s website says.

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EARL MCINTOSH 5 months ago

Almost 100% of crime happens in no gun zones. I encourage St. Francis to research the facts and reconsider.  Criminals always go where resistance is the least. 

Bud Hidalgo 5 months ago
AL THOMPSON 5 months ago
Criminals don't care about stupid laws and regulations. That's obvious, because they don't even care about intelligent laws and regulations. That's why they're called criminals! But hey, when you have a bunch of libtard social workers and Hospital administrators running a facility, what can you expect?
JANET MILLER 5 months ago
Al is 100% correct, to many lib social workers running the show.
Dawn Ramcharan 5 months ago
When you're a major employer that recently threatened to close up shop and throw several hundred people out of work, you can pretty much pick and choose which laws you want to bother with.


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