Business Watch: Advisors Excel supports veterans' transition out of military

KCC Conservation Division teaches WU law students

Advisors Excel has donated $250,000 to work with American Dream U, an organization that helps veterans transition into civilian life.


The partnership aims to introduce veterans to a financial services career.

“I think four of our top 10 advisors, as far as biggest offices, are all veterans,” said Cody Foster, co-founder of AE. “When you look at the things that you would want in a financial advisor, it’s someone that you can trust, someone that’s dependable, someone that’s going to put your needs over their own. Military’s a pretty good training ground for that.”

Foster said many advisors his company works with nationwide struggle to find quality employees for their businesses.

“In general, I don’t think it’s a secret that financial services is kind of a declining (sector); there’s not a lot of people coming into it at the rate they are going out of it,” he said.

Although plans are still in the discussion stage, Foster said he is working with American Dream U staff to determine programming. The goal is to help staff identify veterans interested in a financial services career and offer them training.

Phil Randazzo, founder of American Dream, said his organization brings entrepreneurs and business leaders to speak at military bases to transitioning service men, women and their spouses.

“We’ve had everyone from the founder of Sam Adams beer speak, Jim Cook, to New York Times best-selling authors ... to UFC fighters, to share their stories, more than anything,” he said. “They’re not just full success stories; it’s failure, failure, success, success, failure, failure, failure.”

In the military, he said, failure is “obviously not a good thing.” The speakers open veterans up to the idea that in the business world, the process can include failure that leads to learning and success.

With Advisors Excel’s help, Randazzo said they are designing a financial literacy type of program, and the program may include some type of mentoring or coaching through an online avenue. Right now, much of that is up in the air.

“We started talk about what if we could help build this in a way that we could help get them excited about career and financial services, and on the back end of that, we’ve got 6,700 advisors across the country. Not every one of them is looking to bring people in, but a lot of them are.”


Partnership offers oil, gas law course

Washburn University law students learned firsthand Saturday and Sunday about economics of the state’s oil and gas industry from the Kansas Corporation Commission as part of a three-day educational event at its Conservation Division office in Wichita.

The event, offered in partnership with Washburn University, will feature KCC commissioners presiding over a mock hearing.

“The Commission is excited to offer this opportunity to train young lawyers for the unique way that public utilities commissions operate. The field of conservation, oil and natural gas law is rapidly changing, with technological advancements and price fluctuations affecting the entire industry. It is vital that we have competent attorneys across the state for this reason,” said KCC Chairman Jay Scott Emler.

Law students will learn about the statutes and regulations administered by the KCC Conservation Division and its unique litigation procedures.

This the third time the KCC has partnered on the course, said David Pierce, WU law school professor.

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