Mike Hall

Mike Hall: Taking dictionaries for granted

Hal Lockard, who works down the hall in the circulation department, has found a new anniversary to celebrate.

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Mike Hall: Tracing the lineage of quotations

“Nothing is said now that has not been said before.” — Terence. 185-159 B. C.

Part of the fun of collecting quotations is... Read more

Mike Hall: A few words from readers

The readers do a lot of the work that appears here, but I still get the pay.

Some recent postings from readers:

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Mike Hall: Offerings from observant readers

No matter how clever or informative or soul-stirring I try to be, the readers can be counted on to add value with... Read more

Mike Hall: Don't worry about what you can't change

Tom Hanks is the star of the movie “Bridge of Spies,” but the scene-stealer was Mark Rylance playing convicted Soviet spy Rudolf... Read more

Mike Hall: How Danbury Lane came to be

That person I have been seeking for weeks — the person who knows why there is a Danbury Lane exit from Interstate... Read more

Mike Hall: Lighten up, readers advise

As problems with my email account continue, I’m dependent for interaction with readers on the comments posted at CJOnline.com.

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Mike Hall: Offense-free cussing

I swear.

Not often, but I do swear.

I don’t need to use offensive words in my swearing, because I have come to appreciate... Read more

A look at the people whose names are on local facilities

The voices in my head tell me a lot of readers want to know why one of our airports is called Billard... Read more

Mike Hall: Exploring the origins of the name Topeka

For today’s lesson in Topeka Cultural Literacy, let’s begin with the most basic question of all — why is Topeka called Topeka?

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Mike Hall: Steer clear of cattle rustlers

Cattle rustling? In 2015?

It is true. The problem never went away completely, but it hasn’t made headlines in recent years.

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Mike Hall: Try going to Morrow tomorrow

Computer experts are busy trying to add words to the English language to keep up with advances in technology.

Take the creation of... Read more

Mike Hall: Be careful what you wish for

A good columnist knows what the readers want. So do I.

You want some more of those examples of twisted language and/or logic,... Read more

Mike Hall: A heroine turns 100

It’s a shame the Methodists don’t have saints like the Catholics do. I would certainly nominate my Uncle Ben and Aunt Helen... Read more

Mike Hall: Secondhand philosophy is better than none

Today’s wisdom comes from Topeka’s homegrown philosopher Garry Cushinberry.

That’s not the same thing as saying Garry is wise. I think he is,... Read more

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