Topeka rapper to release insprirational single off of debut album in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10, local hip-hop artist and rapper Brian Peters is releasing his latest single, “Still Here,” off his debut album.


Peters is releasing the album under his artist name PeeBee — a play on his initials backward — the persona Peters said he identifies with when writing his music.

“Still Here,” is dedicated to preventing suicide, and is a song Peters wrote from his interactions both personally and professionally with those who struggle with depression and suicide.

“When I wrote the song I didn’t have it in mind, I just listened to the music and let the music tell me what to say on it,” Peters said. “I felt like that’s what the song was bringing out of me to tell about some type of prevention.

A Topeka native, Peters said his mission has always been helping people, especially kids.

First employed at FJAC, Forbes Juvenile Attention Facility in Topeka, Peters said it was there that he began understanding his passion for assisting underprivileged youth.

For five years he founded and ran Kids That Count, also a youth program, but after issues with funding it was forced to cease operations. He began working at Pathway Family Services in Topeka for a number of years.

“We basically just supervised kids, we made sure that they went to school — they had school inside the facility for them — made sure they went to their programs, their groups, did activities with them, basically was like a leader or somebody that they could model behavior after.

“We showed support, sympathy, and tried to be someone who could be there for them and help them with their day,” Peters said of his time there.

His song reflects those roles, expressing a desire to understand and help a person in need, and talks of finding strength through hardship. When describing the song, Peters said it has a slow vibe, natural rhythm and is completely radio-friendly.

“It just fits my character, I’m always one to try to help somebody out, and if I can do that through my music then I’m going to do that,” Peters said of his songwriting. “I lean more toward writing music in a way where I can help somebody.”

Peters began his musical career in elementary school, and he started writing his raps over the top of hymns when he attended Second Baptist Church in Topeka as a child.

“I’ve always done music, it was just always on a small scale,” he said. “It wasn’t anything big until now when I’m trying to take it to another level.”

Peters worked with New Midwest Ent. as his label, and “Still Here” was produced by Glory Music.

The song will release on Sept. 10 through Reverbnation and then will be available through all major download and streaming services.

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