Dancing Ganesha undergoes remodel, plans to open additional Indian fusion restaurant next door

MANHATTAN — Walking past the Dancing Ganesha in Aggieville, you can hear a lot of banging going on inside. A sign on the door points toward La Suzette, prompting diners to move next door for their favorite Indian dishes.


The Dancing Ganesha, 712 N. Manhattan Ave., in Manhattan, has been located in Aggieville for three years. In June the restaurant temporarily closed and moved next door to La Suzette, which has since taken on Ganesha’s Indian flair.

“We’re putting a new floor in and a new concept for Dancing Ganesha,” co-manager Teresa Duncan said. “It will still have all the traditional Indian foods, with a little more fusion going on and some more recipes. We brought Vinod here from India to give us that authentic taste, and it’s been working out wonderfully.”

Vinod Kumar and Duncan co-manage the two buildings, with their employer Vishwanadha Nadig, who owns the Dancing Ganesha and rents La Suzette, at 716 N. Manhattan Ave.

“We’ve had Suzette’s for a while, and Suzette’s just didn’t take off, we wish it would have, it was a wonderful concept, but it just didn’t take off,” Duncan said. “So we decided while this space was empty we would jump over here, pretty it up over there, and then we have a concept in mind for this place. We’re looking at something called B&C.”

B&C stands for Burritos and Curritos, Kumar explained, which will serve a fusion of classic Mexican burritos with an Indian burrito.

“The Indian burritos are amazing, I have never thought to put yogurt on a burrito, and it’s so good,” Duncan said.

The goal, to set them apart from the many other Mexican restaurants in Aggieville, is make the food as mobile as possible. Easy to eat, and quick to order and walk out the door while students walk, bike, or drive to class.

“The B&C will be the cheapest food you can get in this city, maybe $6 for a burrito and a drink, and that’s the goal to make it the cheapest. A, B and C, Burritos and Curritos for Americans,” Kumar said with a laugh.

Duncan hopes the cosmetic updates will be completed at Dancing Ganesha by mid-August, before school begins, and they aim to open B&C in early September.

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