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At Home: Properly installed ridge vents help ventilate attic

Q: We are having a new roof installed, and they said they would put on a vent at the top of the... Read more

At Home: Take steps to free home of poisons

National Poison Prevention Week is March 19-25. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration website,, the nation’s poison centers answer... Read more

At Home: TV production company looking for unique structures

A TV production company is looking for people in Kansas City and its surrounding area who have unique structures, vehicles or containers... Read more

At Home: Tired of the noise? Install soundproofing

Q: I need help with sound proofing. Noise from the main level travels to rooms in the basement. What can I do... Read more

At Home: Insulate floors over unheated areas

Q: The room over the garage is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The attic insulation was checked and... Read more

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