Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker: Meaning of Mitt

President-elect Donald Trump’s flirtation with Mitt Romney as a possible pick for secretary of state has injected a sliver of hope and... Read more

Kathleen Parker: America is still great

You can feel the tension. Strolling down the street, shopping at the corner market, stopping for a bite at the local tavern,... Read more

Kathleen Parker: You can dress him up, but Trump is Trump

If Beltway insiders and other East Coast elites ever wondered why so many Americans prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, all they... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Future holds greatest fear of all

If I were to distill a recent public discussion about the state of our nation to one word, it would be “worried.”

Not... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Commas are important, period

My favorite bumper sticker I’ve never seen: Commas matter.

So I’ve always thought, and do still believe with the passion of one whose... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Sniffles and The Cyber go to town

My heart went out to Donald Trump Monday night when it appeared that he was under the weather.

What could be worse than... Read more

Kathleen Parker: No grand plan to thwart Trump

As the first presidential debate approaches, fists clench, jaws tighten and invectives giggle in anticipation.

Game on!

To half the country, it’s a sure... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump presidency could spell danger for animal kingdom

The animal kingdom will have lost one of its staunchest defenders when the Oval Office is abandoned by Barack Obama, who through... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump's awkward use of 'the blacks'

When Donald Trump says he has a great relationship with “the Blacks,” I wonder if he also gets along well with the... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Burkini beach ban is senseless

Once upon a time, a scantily clad lass padding down a beach might cause a riot — at least of eyeballs eager... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Lawsuit reveals tale of Fox and friends with benefits

No one would mistake Roger Ailes for a ladies man, at least not without a fistful of dollars — or a garter... Read more

Kathleen Parker: After Nice, who will keep us safe?

Nice, France.

Of all places.

But of course a terrorist in love with death would choose one of the world’s most beautiful coastal cities... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Race and racism are on the front burner

By now most Americans know the name of Dallas Police Chief David Brown — and quite a few wouldn’t mind seeing him... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Grieving over America's killing fields

Horror. Shock. Disbelief. Numbness. Grief. Anger. And terrible sadness.

These fractured thoughts were all I could muster upon waking Friday to news of... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Warren a potent asset for Clinton

Watching Hillary Clinton beaming sidewise on stage as Elizabeth Warren taunted Donald Trump brought the Wrigley twin ditty to mind: Double your... Read more

Kathleen Parker: After Brexit, will America Trexit?

With Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, did Donald Trump just win the presidential election?

On the surface, this may seem an... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Freedom to kill, permission to die

It was inevitable that we would one day seek ways to kill ourselves with society’s blessing.

California recently joined four other states —... Read more

Kathleen Parker: GOP surrenders to the dark side

WASHINGTON — With the surrender of House Speaker Paul Ryan to the Trump crusade, it is fair to wonder what the Republican... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump goes too far with theories

If Donald Trump prefers combatants who aren’t captured, as he once mocked John McCain, he apparently doesn’t believe in taking prisoners, either.

The... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Many in political no man's land

CHARLESTON, S.C. — On rare occasions, Americans coalesce around a common cause, usually following some calamity — a terrorist attack, a natural... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Hillary's nightmare goes viral

You could say that it all depends on how you define “lie.” Or, perhaps, that it’s hell to have a public record.

Either... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump could be a rule-changer

It should be obvious to all by now that Donald Trump knows nothing of what he speaks. His disastrous economic ideas are... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Farewell to the Grand Old Party

It wasn’t precisely an act of moral courage, but House Speaker Paul Ryan’s comment that he’s not ready to support presumptive presidential... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Tumble brought out the real Cruz

When Shakespeare wrote the “truth will out,” he must have had Ted Cruz in mind.

Cruz’s truth — or his true self —... Read more

Kathleen Parker: If Trump were a woman, he wouldn't have stood a chance

One of the most effective political ads of the season features women repeating the many derogatory statements Donald Trump has made about... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Plato, Aristotle and, oh my, Trump

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — When it comes to rhetoric, Plato was right and Aristotle — not so much.

Distilled, Aristotle thought rhetoric good for... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Clinton knows what Sanders doesn't: black votes matter

CHARLESTON, S.C. — African-Americans in the South can’t get a break when it comes to voting, as history can’t deny.

After all they’ve... Read more

Kathleen Parker: North Carolina's trans-ient dilemma

As Archie Bunker might say, the world is going down the terlet.

And how.

Who could have predicted that politics would require serious discussion... Read more

Kathleen Parker: North Carolina's bigotry exposed

EASTON, Md. — It’s been a long while since South Carolina could look down upon its neighbor to the North.

Thanks to North... Read more

Kathleen Parker: The nomination campaigns have been a year of oddities

The spectacular strangeness of this presidential election may require a new display in Ripley’s Odditorium of believe-it-or-nots.

Among the exhibits, curators might place... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump learns that actually thinking about issues is hard

Donald Trump is learning how hard it is to pretend to be something he’s not.

Case in point: Since deciding to run for... Read more

Kathleen Parker: What now? Ask your robot

So what are we to do?

This is a familiar question to opinion writers. Translation: You’ve told us what’s wrong with everything —... Read more

Kathleen Parker: What did you do to stop him?

Now that Donald Trump has spoken before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying group, Americans have learned the following:

Trump... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Understanding the Islamic State

MIAMI BEACH — One wouldn’t call them bedfellows, strange or otherwise, but President Barack Obama and Donald Trump are both inadvertently helping... Read more

Kathleen Parker: In case you were wondering, Trump really is that bad

As Donald Trump continues to surge forward as the most-likely Republican nominee, perfectly sane people are beginning to wonder: “Was there something... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Farewell to the prince of tides

Soon after “The Prince of Tides” became a blockbuster movie in 1991, People magazine put the film’s leading man, Nick Nolte, on... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump supporters appear to be inoculated against truth

By now it’s obvious that lecturing Donald Trump supporters about why they shouldn’t vote for him only confirms their convictions.

If you’re part... Read more

Kathleen Parker: The black-and-white politics of Clinton and Trump

FLORENCE, S.C. — If Donald Trump speaks for disenfranchised whites, Hillary Clinton speaks mostly to blacks who feel the same.

But the differences... Read more

Kathleen Parker: The allure of Palmetto politics

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Americans aren’t the only people who are fascinated by South Carolina politics and the presidential primary process.

During the past... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Shenanigans might amuse Scalia

As Republican presidential candidates invoke Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s legacy, all insisting that his suddenly vacant seat shouldn’t be filled until... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Suddenly, they look #OutOfTouch

Two recent comments by famous feminists have underscored the inevitable and predicted the foregone: The feminist era of Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump isn't politically incorrect, he's simply incorrect

If you ask Donald Trump fans what they like about him, there’s an excellent chance they’ll say, “Because he’s not politically correct.”

But... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Dumbing down of GOP shown in Palin/Trump pairing

At first it seemed too weirdly awful to be true, but there she was: Sarah Palin standing next to Donald Trump last... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Are voters looking for Daddy Trump?

So you say you want a daddy for your president?

OK, so maybe you didn’t say it, but on a subliminal level, you... Read more

Kathleen Parker: When fair game is foul play

Fair play can sometimes be a raunchy racket.

In the midst of Hillary Clinton’s promising presidential bid, a blast from the past blew... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Tweaking gun laws is reasonable

It is axiomatic that congressional Republicans will oppose anything smacking of “gun control,” which may as well be read as “Your mama.”

Thus,... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump's embarrassment of riches

The biggest political news is that Donald Trump may be doing even better than polls have suggested. Yikes.

Apparently, many Trump supporters have... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Americans really need to talk

When President Obama addressed the nation following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, he reiterated the call to resist animus toward Muslims.

This... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Are Trump and Clinton in cahoots?

Gee, wonder what Hillary Clinton has been up to?

If you haven’t heard much about her lately, it’s because Clinton news has been... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Waging war outside the box

Americans looking for a Snuggy Bear and a blankey to ease their anxieties about the Islamic State will have to become more... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Deranged and dangerous

Predictably, the killing rampage at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility has prompted a political scrimmage of the usual sort.

From the pro-choice... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Crazy is as crazy does

One week, Beirut and Paris; the next week, Mali. The nightmare is young. Where next?

The pace and threat of terror seem to... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Fear and loathing in America

We shouldn’t be surprised that many Americans fear the arrival of Syrian refugees in the wake of last week’s Paris slaughter by... Read more

Kathleen Parker: True Trump

DES MOINES, Iowa — You can’t drive far in these parts without seeing Ben Carson on a billboard, looking more like a... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Jeb's fight club

When all else is failing, reinvent yourself.

This is the new strategy of Jeb Bush’s campaign. He’s not going to be so nice... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Paging Sidney Blumenthal

Who is Sidney Blumenthal?

Doubtless many watching Thursday’s House select committee hearing on Benghazi must have wondered. The name was mentioned so many... Read more

Kathleen Parker: A Rose for racial reconciliation

OXFORD, Md. — Long before there was a “Black Lives Matter” movement, there was Ruth Starr Rose — an activist artist whose... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Yo 'heart' el papa

“Oh, so you drank the Kool-Aid,” my neighbor sneered from the stoop he occupies each afternoon to sip wine and critique people’s... Read more

Kathleen Parker: When can we get rid of the ignoramuses?

In the spirit of charity prompted by Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, let’s not call them bigots.

Let’s just call them... Read more

Kathleen Parker: GOP contenders discuss money

Sometimes what seems the least consequential detail tells the most about a person’s character — or at least his or her intentions.

Such... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Hillary can't manufacture trust...

It’s no longer enough to be a happy warrior; now our candidates must be joyful!

Oh, joie.

Jeb Bush started the joy bender last... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Trump flips opponent's positives to negatives

Donald Trump has a point when he talks about the need for immigrants to learn English.

“That’s how we assimilate,” he says. Which... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Time to think

It is that sane and glorious time when the nation’s capital dispenses its human cargo to places of origin and locations of... Read more

Kathleen Parker: Humble bragging the new humility

“So, Mom,” he says. “Did you tweet that you were going on ‘Meet the Press’?”


“Did you tweet that you were going on... Read more

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