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Jamie Kidd for At Home: A world without spiders would be insect-ridden

Incy, wincy spider went up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and dried... Read more

Jamie Kidd for At Home: Fall shows its true colors

Is anyone else enjoying the fall colors like I am? I’m oohing and ahhing while driving. I’m seeing trees with two and... Read more

Jamie Kidd for At Home: Insects are moving inside for winter

The holidays can get a little crowded in our homes, especially with uninvited guests. No, I'm not talking about the In-laws. I... Read more

At Home -- Jamie Kidd: Ornamental grasses add interest to landscape

“And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.” I know, we’re in Kansas not... Read more

At Home Jamie Kidd: Night lighting can add unique atmosphere to home

“Ambiance” — the special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

Ambiance is what makes us feel like we belong or want... Read more

At Home -- Jamie Kidd: Plants signal when they're ready for harvest

Is it done yet? Can I eat it yet? What should it look like when it’s done?

Knowing when to harvest your garden... Read more

At Home-- Jame Kidd: Add late-summer gardening jobs to the to-do-list

It’s getting to be that time of summer when we have to do a little housekeeping in the yard to finish the... Read more

At Home: Light, foot traffic factors in choosing grass seed

Rain in July and August in Kansas! Who knew we would stay so green so deep into the summer. I’m grateful, and... Read more

At Home: Research centers answer food, agricultural questions

Local Extension offices have been described as the go-to places when you have questions. Have you ever wondered where the agents at... Read more

At Home: Don't let summer 'bug' you

Is summer beginning to bug you? If not, it will soon.

You put in all that hard work in the spring preparing... Read more

At Home: Like gardening? Then join the Master Gardeners of Shawnee County

“I used to garden ‘by the seat of my pants.’ Now I know how and why. This is great!”

“Learning is fun again... Read more

At Home: Sick plants? Bring 'em to the clinic

If you have an ailing plant, a “mystery” plant, a pesky insect or weed, take advantage of the upcoming Sick Plant Clinic.... Read more

At Home: Wilt diseases, viruses can attack tomatoes

Welcome back! Apparently, my last article on problems with tomatoes didn’t scare you off. There is an old science fiction movie titled... Read more

Jamie Kidd: Tackle various problems that can affect tomato plants

This article is for tomato growers everywhere! Well, at least those in Kansas.

Tomatoes are one of the easiest and most... Read more

Jamie Kidd: Mulching a must after planting for summer

June 1 is typically a good deadline for having finished all of the spring planting. That is if the rain and mud... Read more

At Home: Cedar-apple rust can reduce fruit tree yield

Are your cedar trees and junipers looking like they have been decorated for Christmas — except the colors are all wrong? Bright... Read more

At Home: Control of bagworm larvae most effective in May, June

It’s that time of year. Yes, we have to deal with it, like it or not. It’s time to control bagworms.

They are... Read more

At Home: Time to design your annual flower beds

I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it. My hands are itching to get down and dirty — in my garden, of course. What... Read more

At Home: Perennial gardens can produce symphony of colors

Everything seems to have a history. Perennial garden design is no different.

In the 1890s, George Nicholson was the curator of the... Read more

At Home: Good soil preparation can help plants thrive

A wise man once said, “Grow the roots and the plant will take care of itself.” What he meant was, if you... Read more

At Home: Weeds in lawns can be tricky to kill in springtime

Just two days until spring. My gardening gloves are beckoning me, and my green thumbs are all but sprouting.

One of the... Read more

At Home: Crabgrass is an unwanted sign of spring

It sure seems like we have had a long winter, don’t you think? I am thankful for the sunshine and the warming... Read more

At Home: African violets: Exotic, easy-to-grow flowering plants

African violets have a fascinating background in African history. They come from Tanzania, a country whose name is derived by combining “Tanganyika”... Read more

At Home Living: Get an early start on garden by planting seeds indoors

Is anyone as antsy as me to see something growing and green? Winter does drag on, with very cold days and then... Read more

At Home: Cole crops seeds can be started indoors in March

OK, die-hard gardeners, it’s time to get to work. We have been to all the garden shows. Catalogs have stuffed our mailboxes... Read more

At Home: How does your garden grow? Show's seminars can help

“Gardening Goes to the Movies!” is this year’s theme for the 41st Kansas Garden Show. It’s not too late to join us... Read more

At Home: Plants and trees benefit from winter watering

Kansas is a strange state. We have more humidity than we can stand in the summer, and winter is so dry we... Read more

At Home: Rose hips pack a nutritious punch

In all the times I have been given roses, I have never been told to eat them. Wear them, arrange them, plant... Read more

At Home: Wildflower garden adds patch of color to yard

Not far from where I used to live and along a highway is a wildflower patch. It isn’t large, maybe 10 feet... Read more

At Home Living: Dear Santa... A Gardener's Wish List

Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year. ..well, as good as can be expected. (Alright everybody… give me a break).

I want... Read more

At Home Living: Use mulch to protect your plants

I am going to amend your thinking just a bit, about mulching. I am sure you are aware of the benefits of... Read more

At Home Living: Winterizing your yard

I love a warm fire in the fireplace on a cool autumn day. It’s time to make chili and cornbread, and plan... Read more

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