Jamie Kidd

Jamie Kidd for At Home: A world without spiders would be insect-ridden

Incy, wincy spider went up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and dried... Read more

Jamie Kidd for At Home: Fall shows its true colors

Is anyone else enjoying the fall colors like I am? I’m oohing and ahhing while driving. I’m seeing trees with two and... Read more

Jamie Kidd for At Home: Insects are moving inside for winter

The holidays can get a little crowded in our homes, especially with uninvited guests. No, I'm not talking about the In-laws. I... Read more

At Home -- Jamie Kidd: Ornamental grasses add interest to landscape

“And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.” I know, we’re in Kansas not... Read more

At Home Jamie Kidd: Night lighting can add unique atmosphere to home

“Ambiance” — the special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

Ambiance is what makes us feel like we belong or want... Read more

At Home -- Jamie Kidd: Plants signal when they're ready for harvest

Is it done yet? Can I eat it yet? What should it look like when it’s done?

Knowing when to harvest your garden... Read more

At Home-- Jame Kidd: Add late-summer gardening jobs to the to-do-list

It’s getting to be that time of summer when we have to do a little housekeeping in the yard to finish the... Read more

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