Tip of the week: Decorating the tree

(Metro Creative Connection)

Here are some ideas to spruce up your Christmas tree balls from Better Homes and Gardens:


Insert small gold, silver and white pom-poms in a clear glass ball ornament for a sparkly, energetic look.

For a quick cover-up, stick strips of washi tape to the ball, overlapping and smoothing them as you work your way around.

Add ribbon stripes to an ornament. Remove the ornament cap and cut strips of ribbon. Hot-glue the strips, beginning at the base of the ornament. Tuck the ends of the ribbons into the top opening and glue into place. Replace the ornament cap and tie a bow around the hanging loop.

Unwrap and chop crayons into small bits. Place one inside a clear glass ornament. Melt with a hair dryer, turning to coat the sides. Repeat with additional colors.

Blend a few colors for a marbled effect. Fill a large disposable tray with water. Spray two colors of coordinating spray paint into the water. The paint will float on the surface. Dip a clear glass ball ornament in the paint. The paint will adhere to the ball, creating a marbled effect.

Source: bhg.com