Tip of the week: Toilet tune-ups

Never put brush away wet

Newer-model toilets with shiny finishes are easy to maintain by scrubbing with the toilet brush for a minute several times a week rather than only once a week. This will prevent a hard-water buildup.


Here are some other tips:

For regular cleaning, use a disinfecting cleaner, and don’t forget to clean under the seat, the lid and around the base.

Make sure the debris you’re removing from the toilet doesn’t fester on the brush bristles and in its holder.

After cleaning the toilet, sandwich the toilet brush between the toilet rim and seat, so that the brush head is suspended over the bowl. Spray with a disinfecting cleaning spray and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse with hot water and allow to sit until dry.

Don’t put the brush back when it’s dirty or wet, because it will trap germs in the holder.

Replace the brush every six months.


Source: heloise.com