At Home: Teaching kids to save water as easy as 1, 2, 3

Installing water-saving fixtures also helps

Q: Dear Ed: Our children are getting older, where they can be independent in the bathroom. We want to teach them to develop good water-saving habits. What kid-friendly water-saving ideas can you recommend for our family?


— Becky and Joe, Rhode Island

A: To start, I recommend upgrading to high-efficiency fixtures.

Quality high-efficiency plumbing fixtures can offer sleek, modern designs and good flow performance, while helping to lower water use.

You can look into installing these three water-saving bathroom fixtures and letting your older children be part of the “fun” by teaching them efficient ways to use them.

One: Upgrade your faucets with water-efficient aerators, and teach the kids to turn the tap on and off while brushing teeth.

Two: Install a kid-friendly adjustable personal shower and slide bar in place of taking baths.

Three: Replace your old toilet with a high-efficiency dual-flushing toilet. Kids love to press buttons. Teach them the No. 1 button (half flush) is for No. 1 and the No. 2 button (full flush) is for No. 2.

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