Glenda Overstreet

Glenda Overstreet: How to stand by your resolutions

Generally, there are mounds of resolutions made that go unchecked and unrealized during the path to the New Year. A quote that... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Obama’s accomplishments

If it wasn’t apparent before, it is definitely so now — we, the people, are victims of the system and thus are... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Georgetown University right to offer apology for slavery

I struggled this month between sharing two articles — voting and Georgetown’s offer to slave descendants. Since both are important to me,... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: What the heck do you have to lose?

The power of the African-American vote is a force to be reckoned with. It has been instrumental over the course of years... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Creating more ups than downs

There is a 1970s tune I recall from a music group that I had a fondness for — The Stylistics — called... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Taking our power to the ballot box

As an African-American woman, a voting advocate and a non-politician, I sometimes grapple with how effective one vote can be. I am... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Voters need to find motivation

You might recall the commercial of yesteryear showing an elderly lady who shouted the phrase, “Where’s the beef?” My thoughts ran parallel... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Improvements need to continue

I am a true advocate of giving credit where credit is due. The city and its partners definitely should receive credit and... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Scalia isn't one who should judge

I have read with great interest the various opinions about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent comment as he addressed Gregory... Read more

Column: A life lived faithfully

I recently experienced the death of a loved one, a situation we all face at some point. My mother’s sister was a... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Voting doesn't just matter in presidential elections

Various headlines regarding voting results for presidental elections and midterm elections indicate that the people analyzing such political challenges are perplexed by... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: CVS takes a bold step

As I reflect over the past 30 years, I can truly say that I have experienced some amazing times along with the... Read more

Glenda Overstreet: Have a happy New Year

Although the Christmas season came upon us on schedule, there also were negative vibes to be felt. Where was “Jolly Old Saint... Read more

State ed board hears history standards timeline

Members of the Kansas State Board of Education on Tuesday got a more detailed timeline on how the state's standards for K-12... Read more

Column: Law enforcement panel makes strides in 2010

Since its formal inception in December 2007, the Law Enforcement Partnership Panel continues its active involvement serving as liaison between citizens of... Read more

Column: Education in fashion

A recent national study indicates schools are failing black males. Specifically, the study indicates that only 47 percent of black males are... Read more

Column: NAACP Convention

The 101st annual national convention of the NAACP, conducted recently in Kansas City, Mo., left a lasting impression — much like that... Read more

Column: On co-parenting

This past Sunday, I witnessed one of the most wonderful things that a child can experience — giving his or her life... Read more

Column: Summer events

Aside from the high temperatures the summer promises, there are some upcoming events you may consider hot topics for personal and community... Read more

Column: Retain HRC defines deja vu as a disagreeable familiarity or sameness. For example, the new television season had a sense of deja vu... Read more

Column: Day to remember

It is always interesting to research the origins of our national holidays. I inevitably learn something that seems to stay with me.... Read more

Column: Scholarship program

It has been said when a child enjoys the school or learning environment it's an early sign of future academic success. Children... Read more

Column: Help business

Some people may think the term "entrepreneurism" is an up-and-coming term that came into vogue during our country's recent economic downturn. For... Read more

Column: Bright beginnings

On April 28, mothers of newborns received large tubbies of baby products — including baby wipes, baby powder, baby oil, blankets, one-piece... Read more

Column: Crisis training

A group of local officials and volunteers came together recently for a week of training in a program that is proving beneficial... Read more

Column: Icons lost

The world has lost two civil rights icons within the past weeks — Benjamin Hooks and Dorothy Height. Both were present at... Read more

Column: New laws

It has been a busy season for the Legislature and Gov. Mark Parkinson, who has signed more than 70 bills this session,... Read more

Column: Tea or coffee?

It appears as though America's legacy is quickly boiling down to coffee or tea. We have the Sarah Palins of the world... Read more

Column: Reform welcome

My prayer was for the Lord to give us guidance on what he felt was best regarding health care reform. His answer... Read more

Column: Laborious task

It seems everyone, or at least a majority of the people, has given their opinion about the health care reform bill.

Many... Read more

Column: Women of history

What kind of legacy are women leaving for future generations?

More times than not, women are identified when we are asked about... Read more

Column:Boomer businesses

I recall growing up in a neighborhood filled with love and happiness. I didn't realize it at the time, but entrepreneurs were... Read more

Column: Get involved

It isn't very often that community residents get an opportunity to share their thoughts on topics that have an immediate impact on... Read more

Column: History of business

Black History Month is an appropriate time to remember that black people have always had a need to keep economic development as... Read more

Column: Safety first

I'm trying hard to understand it, but the logic behind the proposed primary seat belt law continues to puzzle me. Oh, I... Read more

Column: Counting counts

One would have to be without television, radio, newspaper or friends not to know it's time for the 2010 Census.

The federal... Read more

Column: People first

Things have a way of changing over time, but I certainly didn't expect such change to include the definition of freedom.

This... Read more

Column: Quakes devastating

It has been almost three weeks since a magnitude-7.0 earthquake destroyed the capital of Haiti, but, miraculously, people still are being discovered... Read more

Column: Learn the law

Attending the Jan. 15 press conference regarding the March 2008 shooting of the Llamas brothers and reading the Topeka Police Department's report... Read more

Column: Family history

Family reunions offer opportunities for family members to see each other, eat together and enjoy the company of relatives from afar. Some... Read more

Column: Living the Dream

The timing of some things is truly inherent. January is a month symbolic for seeking personal, professional and social change through New... Read more

Column: Health care reform

It seems almost everyone is willing to share their opinion about health care reform legislation. Many people support all elements of the... Read more

Column: New entrepreneurs

A group of adult students have ended 2009 on a high note and will move into the new year armed with knowledge... Read more

Column: Young leaders

You may recall that I recently wrote abut my visit to Topeka High School and the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program,... Read more

Column: Searching for unity

I received a letter from a reader who began by indicating that he is a white man who grew up on the... Read more

Column: Back to school

Each day of the year has a designation that represents a special activity or the celebration of a particular event. I am... Read more

Column: Recession survival

Many schools are closing or merging, which makes for larger classes and puts additional pressure on teachers and administrators.

Grocery prices are... Read more

Column: Healthy eating

I remember back in the 1970s, when I worked in the nuclear medicine department of a hospital, my equally younger colleagues and... Read more

Column: Seeing students up close

After a couple of calls to refine arrangements, Linda Wiley and I meet at 8:30 a.m. In the administrative office, behind a... Read more

Column: Kansas culture is rich

Nov. 11 is the day we remember and thank our veterans for risking their lives for the sake of our country.

Nov.... Read more

Doors must be opened

Within the span of a week, I joined others in visiting and participating in career and job fairs. At both events, companies... Read more

Column: Know what matters

I love to read. Recently, I came across a message shared by the Rev. T.D. Jakes that really hit home. Perhaps it... Read more

Column: Obama deserves honor

I find it ironic that some are criticizing President Barack Obama for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize by asking what he has... Read more

Column: Let us broaden horizons

October is a month filled with community happenings. Two events of particular significance in Topeka are scheduled for the coming week.

On... Read more

Column: Not so dumb, after all

How many times have you heard the phrase: "There is no such thing as a dumb question"?

Just how correct is this... Read more

Column: Racism is the issue

Who's right? In last week's CNN "State of the Union" telecast with the president of the United States, the president was asked... Read more

Column: Rudeness is ruling the day

There have been several incidents in the news recently that can be labeled as rude. However, it isn't just celebrities in arts... Read more

Column: Keep ties to family tight

This is Grandparents Day, a day when families honor their foundational nucleus.

Often, children learn the most about life and traditional family... Read more

Column: All should stand by words

One interesting thing about the law is that you never know which way it will go given a set of circumstances.

I... Read more

Column: Are we setting example?

One of the most controversial - and powerful - public service announcements recently is one that shows three teens in a car,... Read more

Column: Teachers all are leaders

The time is approaching, or has arrived, for students and those who teach them to return to school.

A young, male teacher... Read more

Column: Friends are our anchors

Do we choose our friends or do they choose us?

Perhaps it is a coincidence of life when we develop a bond... Read more

Column: Let their actions inspire

Has anyone ever moved you so much that you became resolved to make a change in your life?

I recently have seen... Read more

Large lesson in history

Have you ever wondered what the mural on the building across from the downtown post office on Kansas Avenue represents?

Some may... Read more

Column: The work remains relevant

The youth of the Topeka Chapter NAACP ACT-SO (Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) were busy in New York City earlier this... Read more

Better to know the law

The 2009 legislative session is over, but there are lots of new laws that may be of interest to you.

Much of... Read more

Column: Another way to tax us

How well do you know the taxation laws in Kansas? Recently I happened to see a segment on CNN that got my... Read more

Column: Learn how to disagree

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." It's a familiar statement from centuries ago, and many of us know... Read more

Column: Youths prepping for NYC

With the current economy, it now takes far more than a village to raise a child. Nowhere is this more true than... Read more

Column: ASU's slight stunning

Although it's early in the life of the new administration, I see nothing but objective and positive strides being taken to ensure... Read more

Column: LEPP keys in on issues

In December 2007, the Law Enforcement Partnership Panel began its charge to serve as a conduit between the community and the law... Read more

Column: School is best defense

Unsung heroes come in many forms. Some take action against unfair social norms that traditionally exclude others. Some try to help right... Read more

Column: Danger from flu is real

At last count, the United States has confirmed more than 190 cases of H1N1 influenza A — formerly called "swine flu" —... Read more

Column: How do we right wrongs?

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case that some have labeled as reverse discrimination. It concerns a group of 20... Read more

Column: Reach across age barrier

In community work groups and meetings, I continually hear older members say how they yearn to be able to pass the baton... Read more

Column: Let us renew ourselves

I had an opportunity a year ago to travel for work and found it extremely rewarding and valuable. I had some trepidation... Read more

Column: Sides must work together

"As the Political World Turns" could be the title of how events are unfolding in Washington. The goal of the administration is... Read more

COLUMN: Youths face obstacles

Each and every day brings different challenges and joys. I can remember when I was a teenager and things didn't go as... Read more

Overstreet: Manners should matter

March is celebrated as Women's History Month. This celebration began as a bipartisan effort in 1981 with a national Women's History Week... Read more

COLUMN: Good advice for all of us

If you didn't get the opportunity to view Tavis Smiley's 10th annual "State of the Black Union" on C-SPAN, you really missed... Read more

Efficiency, service are crucial

Many state, county and city governments are downsizing due to decreased budgets in this age of economic hard times. A question worth... Read more

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