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At Home: Repellants may keep deer out of gardens

Now that you know how to avoid deer on the roads (see page 4), you may also be wondering how to keep... Read more

At Home: Maintaining a solid foundation with your home

Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell when your home’s foundation is in jeopardy. However, failing to get it assessed and fixed may... Read more

At Home Living: Tips for using stains on concrete

Are you tired of looking at that drab patio in your backyard or that boring gray concrete floor in your basement? Why... Read more

At Home Living: Choosing the right paint for you

Before choosing your paint, be it exterior or interior, you should know what’s going into the can you’re buying at the store.... Read more

At Home Living: Bigger and better water heaters

The next time you need to buy a new water heater it might end up being a little bigger and more expensive... Read more

At Home Living: Act on your home AC now, stay cool later

It might not be warm enough yet to turn on the air conditioner, but now is an ideal time for some AC... Read more

At Home Living: Keeping your furnace alive and your house toasty

Many of us have that fear of the furnace going out on a very cold winter night. Not only do you wonder... Read more

At Home Living: Keeping your dishwasher running and your sink empty

There is no question owning a dishwasher makes life easier. If you’ve owned one that has broken down, you know how frustrating... Read more

At Home Living: Keeping your sump pump pumping

Without sump pumps most basements wouldn’t stay dry enough to serve as a living space and if your basement has ever flooded,... Read more

At Home Living: Keeping your home safe

Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, but you probably know someone whose home or garage has been burglarized. Chances are you’ve... Read more

At Home Living: Do-it-yourself mower maintenance

There are few moments in yard care more frustrating than when you have a lawn full of tall grass and a lawn... Read more

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