Cathy Hobbs

At Home: 10 tips for using wallpaper

What goes around comes around, especially in style and trends.

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At Home: Design leaning toward modern country-inspired look

From slip covers to painted floors and reclaimed wood, there may be no clear style that can define what some may consider... Read more

At Home: Blue is the new black when it comes to home decor

Black remains a staple in home decor. It blends well with other colors and can add elegance to a space. The same... Read more

At Home: Add visual impact with pairs, trios of objects

Open nearly any design magazine or shop in any furniture retail store and you are bound to notice that decor pieces are... Read more

At Home: Staging a home can help it sell

With the spring selling season just around the corner, many home sellers are waiting for the prime opportunity to place their home... Read more

At Home: Warm up with red décor

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’ve likely seen a lot of red home decor items in retail stores. Red is... Read more

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