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Editorial: Logging on for the first time

Two weeks ago, we discussed the importance of addressing the “digital divide” – a term that refers to the disparity in access... Read more

Editorial: Why young Topekans should volunteer

A month ago, we congratulated Mikayla Keeling for being chosen as the Topeka Youth of the Year — an honor that recognized... Read more

Editorial: Opioid abuse is far too common in Kansas

Opioid abuse is a public health emergency in the U.S., and it has only been getting worse over the past decade and... Read more

Editorial: A unique way to study history

National History Day is an opportunity for more than half a million middle- and high school students to learn from and contribute... Read more

Editorial: Kansas is a model on domestic violence laws

Federal officials are mulling changes to domestic violence laws. In this area, they would do well to follow the model of our... Read more

Editorial: USD 501 improves ACT access

There’s a consistent achievement gap among Kansas students who take the ACT. To give administrators, teachers and parents some idea of how... Read more

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