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At Home: Insulating older home may pose problems for homeowner

Q: Just bought a 1910 house in Queen Anne (style). I thought I would start insulating the basement, because I can feel... Read more

At Home: When are cracks in basement walls troublesome?

Q: We moved into a new walkout basement home two years ago, and I’m noticing a crack in the front basement wall.... Read more

At Home: Check your home yearly for radon gas

Q: I’ve heard of radon, but I don’t really know what it is. What is radon gas, and how do I know... Read more

At Home: Water around furnace may indicate improper draining

Q: When changing my furnace filter, I noticed a small pool of water on the floor. The furnace is a 12-year-old, high-efficiency... Read more

At Home: Moisture inside crawlspace needs to be controlled

Q: I have lived in this 75-year-old house for over 20 years. This year is the first time I have noticed condensation... Read more

At Home: Thermocouple may be culprit when gas log fireplace won’t light

Q: My gas log fireplace worked just fine last winter, but I couldn’t light the pilot light this fall. There’s no brand... Read more

At Home: Frayed extension cords common cause of fires

As a home inspector, I often find homeowners using extension cords for garage door openers, shop lights and power bars for entertainment... Read more

At Home: Be careful when adding new outlets to old homes

Q: After purchasing a beautiful 1936 two-story home, I found there were too few outlets in the home. I hired a person... Read more

At Home: Don’t put off preparing home for winter weather

It’s been a warm fall, but don’t let the pleasant weather catch you off guard. It’s time to prepare your home for... Read more

Prepare power tools for winter storage

Temperatures are lower, trees are changing color, and the first snows are expected soon. This means it’s time to prepare our power... Read more

At Home: Mushrooms growing near your toilet?

Q: It’s alive in the bathroom, and I’m a single mom scared to death. We just moved into this house not long... Read more

At Home: Properly vented roof attic space can save on energy costs

Q: We are scheduled to get a new roof in a few weeks, and I need some ideas on attic venting. The... Read more

At Home: Sagging joist may cause humps in floor

Q: We lived in our home for 22 years and recently noticed a hump in a floor between the kitchen and the... Read more

At Home: Clogged or damaged sewer pipe may cause sink backup

Q: My washing machine is in the basement in a room directly beneath the kitchen. When water drains from the washer, it’s... Read more

At Home: Ventilation may be cause of mildew odor

Q: I bought a 60-year-old house two years ago. A new roof was installed by the owner. I am now noticing a... Read more

At Home: Removing damaged vinyl siding is easy job

Q: Our home was built in the 1920s and is showing its age. Painting the home every 10 years is out of... Read more

At Home: Shower leaks have several possible causes

Q: In 1994, we had a two-story house built. In 2013, we had our second-level master shower remodeled. Since then, about every... Read more

At Home: 1980s-era cedar shingles may warp over time

Q: We are wanting to purchase a 1980s-era home that has cedar shingles. I have asked several different roofers for a price... Read more

At home: Low water pressure may cause shower temperature changes

Q: When anybody is taking a shower and someone turns on the faucet or flushes the toilet, the water in the shower... Read more

At Home: Algae can cause dark streaks on roof shingles

Q: Lately I’ve noticed dark streaks on my roof shingles as well as other roofs in the neighborhood. The roof is about... Read more

At Home: Check photocells if garage door isn't closing properly

Q: I’m having a problem with my garage door opener. After leaving the house, I noticed the garage door did not close.... Read more

At Home: Ring around toilet bowl base may signal loose connection

Q: I have a ring around the base of my toilet that keeps getting darker. I’ve cleaned the floor with all kinds... Read more

At Home: Want to sell your home? Start with an inspection

Q: We plan on selling our house this spring. Are there any tips you have that can give us an advantage?

A: There... Read more

At Home: Inspections can help determine cause of cracks

Q: I have some settling issues with several cracks over doorways and two small areas on my outside bricks. I don’t know... Read more

At Home: Gurgling sound in bathtub drain? Check vents

Q: We have a gurgling sound that erupts from our bathtub drain every time we flush the toilet. No water comes up... Read more

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