Bob Beatty

Bob Beatty: Debates can be dangerous for presidential candidates

The phrase “binders full of women,” spoken by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the second presidential debate of 2012, became a... Read more

Bob Beatty: The Alfred E. Neuman approach to low approval ratings

In January of 2010, a SurveyUSA poll of Kansans was released which showed then-Gov. Mark Parkinson at 42 percent approval and 43... Read more

Bob Beatty: Can lightning strike twice?

In 2008, in the pages of The Topeka Capital-Journal, I was the only political pundit anywhere to correctly — and publicly —... Read more

Bob Beatty: Things to keep an eye on during 2016 election season

“I don’t know.”

As much as it pains a political analyst to admit it, those three words are becoming commonplace when the following... Read more

Bob Beatty: A founding principle

On the beautiful morning of Nov. 6, dozens of new American citizens were sworn in at the Frank Carlson Federal Building in... Read more

Bob Beatty: Many in play for GOP in 2016

The most recent CNN presidential preference polling indicates a “tale of two parties.” On the Democratic side, the poll of Democrats and... Read more

Bob Beatty: Why is it still illegal to be gay in Kansas?

As I get older, my teenage daughter tells me more and more often, “Dad, you look confused.” In my defense, how should... Read more

Bob Beatty: Governor's drive ends short

Kansans know and love basketball. In basketball, a great scoring drive on the court requires two things — going strong to the... Read more

Column: Why the GOP surged

It's been four weeks since the Republican Party surged nationwide and in Kansas, where the GOP's sweep of statewide offices and its... Read more

Column: He's not running

"He's going to run, right?"

It never stops. I've been hearing it for more than a year, from all types of people... Read more

Polls provide insight, opportunity

The national polling firm SurveyUSA periodically releases polls on Kansas politics. Here is a look at a few over the past couple... Read more

Low voter turnout the norm

On Tuesday, Bill Bunten was re-elected mayor of Topeka with 64 percent of the votes cast. This would seem to be a... Read more

Sebelius situation a first

When Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is officially introduced today as secretary of Health and Human Services, she will be the first sitting Kansas... Read more

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