Brock Masters

Trump Keeps on Trucking

For weeks CNN has been touting the Special Election in Georgia as a referendum on President Donald Trump. They...Read more

Brock Masters

Do Black Lives Matter?

The simple answer is of course they do, but when I read stories like this one, ...Read more

Brock Masters

Road to Perdition

America was founded on the belief that violent resistance by the people is justified in overthrowing an...Read more


KDADs policy proposal for our developmentally disabled

The Kansas Department on Aging and Disability has come out with a policy change to Home and Community Based...Read more
Keith Van Sickle

The Mummy, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Mummy

Tom Cruise stars as former military officer, Nick Morton, who joins Jenny...Read more

Brock Masters

One Hypocritical Nation

The United States Constitution is sometimes like a soft baby’s blanket.  It cradles you, it comforts you and is...Read more