Posted March 18, 2017 02:38 am - Updated March 30, 2017 09:25 pm

The Wise Press On

     With all of the chatter about repealing the ACA and all of the talk of the national budget and also the Kansas budget, it's nice to know there are those who seek wisdom in their solutions and also who have a balanced viewpoint.  On one hand are the Bernie Sanders fans who want government to pay for a lot of programs our nation cannot afford.  On the other hand are the Tea Party people who think that government involvement should be lessened tremendously and who think that excessive government spending and involvement is bad.  Who has the middle ground these days?  Who has an idea of appropriate spending and involvement? 

     Senator Vicki Schmidt truly cares about the healthcare of Kansans.  She is a pharmacist and her husband is a doctor in Topeka.  Senator Schmidt always returns my emails about issues that are important to me.  She reaches out to Kansans in a very kind and personal way.  She is not bought by outside forces and she does her own thing despite pressure.  She goes against being bullied into voting a certain way.  That is to be respected these days in Kansas.

     Government is not evil.  Government can be good and everyone is dependent upon the government in many ways.  It's not evil or childish to be dependent upon government for our livelihood.  It's what it's there for.  Churches can work to help others but they cannot take the place of government services.  Combatting poverty is a joint effort.

     Senator Laura Kelly and Representative Annie Kuether care about the budget.  They see that good things can happen and good things used to happen...  These two women press on despite drama and trauma.  They care about all of Kansans.  They care about Kansas and getting it back on track.

     Balance is key and it is the women mentioned above and also those nationally and in Topeka who seek wisdom in politics.  These people press on and speak up when it is not popular.  They make a huge difference in the lives of Topekans and yes, they are people who care.