Posted May 17, 2017 10:18 am - Updated May 17, 2017 10:27 am

Maybe it was the voices again...


A little something I need to address.

In last Sunday's edition of Room 235 (America's Blog) I screwed up.

If you recall, last Sunday's blog was in response to a film crew making a documentary inside Highland Park high School and how it was making at least a few students uncomfortable in the process.

Most of the blog centered around a company named, " Learning Tree Productions" that I wrongly claimed was doing the filming.

Remember that one?

I know at least one reader does. They said, and I quote: "Wow. That's quite a level of low."

Anyway, it turns out this wasn't the outfit doing to filming after all and resulted in the blog being removed.

The company actually producing the documentary is named "Learning Tree Productions."

No, that wasn't a typo.

Two companies, same "Learning Tree Productions" name.

Who knew?

Maybe I should have done a little more research before running my mouth.

My intentions weren't to mislead anyone in any way.

It was my mistake and good, bad, right, or wrong, I own it.

But then again it could have just been the voices in my head...

Kevin McGinty

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[removed] 5 months ago
This comment has been deleted
KEVIN MCGINTY 5 months ago
Do me a favor and drop me an email, Manuela. 

I have a question for you...
Kitty Persson 5 months ago
Kevin, that was a very easy mistake to make, given the name of these people.  I note too that "upi" is part of the link address in one of them.  Back in the day, upi stood for "united press international", an international news org.
But that's another story for another time...
As Manuela points out, students are uncomfortable with being followed around by this crew.
Put the name confusion aside for a moment and consider the larger point, which is just that:  making the kids uncomfortable by following, filming, and essentially invading their privacy.

Did the planners of this discuss nthe project with students and parents beforehand, to see how they would feel about it?

Or did the school just decree that "this is what we're doing whether anyone likes it or not"?
The upset brought on by the confusion over the name of the producers has overridden that very critical point.
Students and parents are not Pavlov's dogs.  They should have been given a choice on whether or not to take part.
Freedom, or tyranny?
McKenna Seymour 5 months ago
You must have missed the information provided in the original article that said students and parents had to sign consent forms if they wanted to be included in the filming. Film crews didn't just come in and take over the school.
Kitty Persson 5 months ago
Mckenna: a form is a form is a form.  There should have been an open discussion of pros/cons with student input on something of this nature.  And...given it is filming..who edits what and who gets to do that?

Mike Hasselkamp 5 months ago
Thanks for clearing that up Kev.  Now, how about that Rich murder?  I think when all is said and investigated,  it will bring down the Democratic Party.  
Bart Ross 5 months ago
You and Kevin had better worry about the Conservative Revolution, led by chief liar Trump. That's some pretty rocky road you folks are traveling on, what with all the potholes filled with Trump tweets. I'll watch as the bus carrying Trump and his bevy of sycophants heads straight for the cliff. 
Kitty Persson 5 months ago
Bart:  seems to me it's the left who should be worried...Pelosi told Tapper last night that any plans to impeach must have proof...quite a statement, coming from her, wouldn't you say?
Tom Digger 5 months ago
NOT HARDLY. Trump won't be impeached. He will resign and declare victory! He always has to play the victim! He will pretend he is the victim of some great  far left conspiracy and just isn't going to be allowed to do his job so he will resign. Of course, the Dems don't want that until after the 2018 elections. They need Trump to keep lying and screwing up everything he touches so they can take back Congress.
Mike Hasselkamp 5 months ago
And by screwing things up you mean the 298,000 jobs that were added, the 67% drop in illegal immigration, the rise in housing sales, or the Gorsuch confirmation? Get a clue Tom.  
Kitty Persson 5 months ago
Tom: since the left loves  victimhood so much, will he be embraced by them now?  I mean...they did that for Comey...
McKenna Seymour 5 months ago
Thank you, Mr. McGinty. How refreshing this was to see.
Floyd Lee 5 months ago
Okay, so let's talk.  I've given it some thought, and I've decided that I stand by everything that I commented previously.

I'm still a Highland Park grad (of which I am still proud), and I'm still glad anytime my alma mater gets positive publicity, especially on national TV.

But I also I see no reason to retract the comments I offered on the two "red flag" concerns from the initial Capital-Journal article.  They were real.

(Perhaps the concerns raised by the initial C-J article, motivated the A&E Network and the production folks to do what they should have done in the first place, which was to give a full and honest explanation of what they were seeking to accomplish.)

Also, I said a genuine "thank you" to Kevin and another poster for the information that they sincerely attempted to offer.  So I've decided that NO, I'm not retracting my "thank you" in the slightest.  Not even going to worry about it, even though it turned out that a different production company of the very same name was involved. 

Accidents happen.  Retractions happen.  But **Integrity Happens** too, and whether you agree or disagree with him on any topic, Kevin McGinty reflects genuine integrity and intellect with every discussion that he puts on the Community Blog table.  So there you go.  Any questions?

KEVIN MCGINTY 5 months ago
Hey Contra, we're having a little get together next Saturday afternoon at the same place we had it last year and we'd all love to see you again...
Dennis Beckmann 5 months ago
Good job again, Kevin.
Kala Allen Hisel 5 months ago
I value honesty and integrity, two admirable traits that have become sullied in today's environment.  Thank you, Kevin, for being the example of upstanding character that is so needed and so lacking in our personal and political climate of today's society. 
Tom Digger 5 months ago
Good for you. Way to man up Kev.. maybe there is hope for you yet friend. Facts, truth and reality will keep pounding on the doors of that alternate universe. With the last couple of weeks our liar in chief has had, the sound of that pounding must be making it really hard to sleep and ignore it much longer.