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Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there...

Kevin McGinty

Thorne Smith 6 months ago
Хорошая работа товарищ
David Smith 6 months ago
Все для Родины.
Fred Smertz 6 months ago

Говоришь, как истинные коммунисты, ты
Kitty Persson 6 months ago
Priceless! Lol...
David Smith 6 months ago
So associates of Trump inform the press that at a dinner at the white house, Trump makes a demand for loyalty from A.G. Comey. If this did in fact happen ( and it seems to fit the norm for what we can expect from this clown in the white house, that could constitute an effort to obstruct justice, especially when viewed in the light of the Comey firing which followed not long after. 

When the press tries to find out what is going on in this increasingly dysfunctional... no bizarre white house, they find Spicer out by the bushes. Can't blame him I suppose, I wouldn't want to cover for this out of control administration either. 

Still, there is a (seemingly shrinking) group that posts on this blog continuing to defend the orange man-child. Is this revenge for the nerve the democrats had in putting into nomination a black man, and then <gasp> winning ?? Or is this just more anti "lying-Hillary". How odd that the rationale Trump gives for firing Comey is more or less, his being mean to Hillary. I see indications of racism and misogyny here regularly. The latter especially from the one who descends from his deus ex machina. I mentioned revenge fantasies...... perhaps some of us have had bad luck with women. 

So good luck to all of you. You already have one wacko at Cedar Crest. Now we have one in the white house. But he's not long for the world I suspect. Turn off Fox. Stop reading Breitbart. Yes news sources DO matter. I was told that shouldn't matter, and the message should be judged on its own. Funny how I was also told that Thomas Frank, author of What's the Matter With Kansas couldn't be sourced, since he was from the over the top effete suburb of Prairie Village.......... ( really ? Prairie Village ? ).  At least you repubs do provide an ongoing source of comedy. Saturday Night Live has been given new life. The problem is that while we are laughing at SNL, the whole world is laughing at us. Happy Mother's Day.            
Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
Oh David.  The whole world is finally, after 8 long years, respecting us.  
David Smith 6 months ago
Mr. Hasselkamp, you need to get out of your bubble. This quote is from ISSF Policy Series, published by London School of Economics. LSE is one of the great universities of the world, and this article is exactly two days old.  You are simply put... wrong. This is just a short excerpt. 

European public opinion has a problem with U.S. Republican Presidents. Ronald Reagan was deeply mistrusted in his early years in power;[1] George W. Bush was regarded as a disaster and liability well before the crisis-scarred end of his term.[2] Barack Obama, meanwhile, continued to enjoy excellent approval ratings on this side of the Atlantic.[3] As such it is tempting to dismiss a great deal of the European anguish and anxiety at Donald Trump’s election victory as no more than a confirmation that European opinion – and particularly perhaps the opinion of that part of the European public which is informed about and interested in U.S. politics – is significantly to the left of U.S. opinion and hence bound to regard rather negatively the election and early policy decisions of the 45th President. That Trump’s lifestyle, both before his election and since, also plays into deeply rooted European stereotypes about crass and vulgar American materialism only makes unfavourable European reactions even more predictable." 

The link -
Fred Smertz 6 months ago
Well.....if it's anything like the universities in the US, it is nothing more than a left wing socialist university that promotes socialism and communism at every turn.  I can see why they don't like PRESIDENT TRUMP.  There aren't many universities in the western hemisphere that like PRESIDENT TRUMP.
There are too many washed up masses of professors and students that have their spines removed, and PRESIDENT TRUMP still has a spine.
Tom Digger 6 months ago
What spine? The spine that whines that he isn't respected? The spine that LIES every other day? The spine who changes his positions from day to day? The spine that tells Putin he is going to bomb and airfield and waste millions on a fire works show that did nothing but impress his stupid Trumpbots? Trump doesn't have a spine. He likes anyone who relishes praise on him and kisses his ring...even when they don't mean it and are laughing at him behind his back!
Fred Smertz 6 months ago
mr digger,  I see you are still living in your hillary clinton won the presidency alternate universe.  One of these days you will wake up to reality and know that we have President Trump, who at least has a pair.  Unlike the previous 8 years with obamma, all the worlds leaders knew his spine was removed in community organizing school.
Kitty Persson 6 months ago
David: crass and vulgar American materialism describes Hillary as well...and Ambassador Stevens and the agents remain dead yet your gurus claim "fake news"...
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Yes.. Amb. Stevens who was killed by  terrorist attack and after wasting millions of dollars on their FAKE scandal , the GOP had to admit she did nothing wrong, which of course, SANE people knew from the beginning. They Republicans even admitted they only created the whole thing because she had a 69% approval rating as Sec. of State and they had to created something to hurt her politically.
Kala Allen Hisel 6 months ago
David, do you know the difference between an op-ed piece versus a factual news piece?  But, keep on tryin'!
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Do you know the difference between a REAL scandal and Trump's pathetic attempt to convince Americans that the Russian investigation is a 'hoax'?? But, keep on tryin'.
Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
Everyone knows it is not necessarily what they say, but how they act.  Actions, indeed, speak louder than words.  
Tom Digger 6 months ago
In WHAT alternate universe does ANYONE in the 'whole world respect us or Trump? He has made us a laughing stock. Except when they are afraid he is going to destroy the entire world! So, they move back and forth between laughing at us for being so INSANE as to elect someone who is a well documented pathological liar and fearful that Trump could very well drop a nuclear bomb on any country whose leader makes fun of his hair!
Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
I'm afraid Obama was the laughing stock Tom.  No one in the Middle east respected him.  The Iranians loathed him and the US, Israel had absolutely NO respect for him, and the whole world thought they could get away with anything.  And they did, for the most part.  
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Obama was well respected around the world and still is. He is the one who RESTORED respect after eight years of Bush. Now, everyone is shaking their heads wondering why Americans elected an unstable liar as President.
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Here is a video you need to watch. It explains why the Trumpbots continue to believe in Trump despite things like FACTS, truth and his flip flops and lies upon lies upon lies.
Fred Smertz 6 months ago
Hey Blew,
It would help if you even knew who Comey was.  He was the director if the FBI not the AG.

The only thing Comey is regretting today is not throwing the diabolical lying hillary clinton into the slammer where she belongs.......for a very long time.

Furthermore, if there was really anything to this President Trump/Russian collusion Bull Stuff, the embedded communists that commrade obamma put into place would have already released that info.

Secondly the real collusion with the Russian Government was when obamma told that high ranking Russian official that he would have more leeway after he was re-elected to collude with the Russian Government.

Thirdly, the next heinous collusion with the Russion Government was when then secretary of state hillary clinton sold off 1/5 of our uranium reserves to who else but the..................................................................................................................................................................................................................wait for it...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT!!!
Tom Digger 6 months ago
LOLOL.. yeah.. KEEP DREAMING THERE FREDDY! Hillary did NOTHING close to being 'thrown in the slammer'.. but, Trump may very well be removed for his LONG list of crimes.. He has been LYING about his dealing with Russia since the start when he first claimed that nobody in his campaign had any contact. Turns out that SEVEN did and all lied. Then, their amnesia cleared and they all admitted they did. Now, we have at least THREE where were PAID by Russia.. One of them may very well turn on Donny. Donny's own son disputes his LIE that he doesn't have financial ties to Russia. He claims he doesn't has assets in Russia but doesn't mention if he has DEBT in Russia. He owes over 130 MILLION to the DEUTCHE Bank which is known for laundering Russian mob money. Trump is LYING about Comey. Trump is LYING about Flynn. Flynn wants immunity and IF he gets it, he may throw Donny under the bus .Republcians can only protect the con man for so long. When supporting him HURTS them politically, HE WILL BE GONE!
Tom Digger 6 months ago
You do know that REPEATED LONG AGO DEBUNKED LIES doesn't make them suddenly true. HIllary had NOTHING to do with the uranium deal. It went through NINE agencies before it got to the State Dept.. It only makes you look really really silly to keep repeating something that was debunked a long time ago. It won't stop the investigations into Trump ties to Russia. Hillary is NOT under investigation. She is not the President. Pathetic attempt to DEFLECT from HIM TO HER no longer works. 
Kitty Persson 6 months ago
Tell me true, David:  were you against Comey before you were for him? Or for him before you were against him?
For years the left progressive leadership has had this pattern...why is that?
Seems to me that nobody is able to take a definitive stand on much of anything in that world...
McKenna Seymour 6 months ago
It won't do you much good to speak the truth on this blog Mr. Smith. No one is open minded enough to have a true debate about subjects, they prefer subjecting those with a differing opinion to name calling and share a blatant disregard for the truth. They are part of the 34% (from the latest polls) that actually approve of Trump, though those numbers continue to decline. 

Trump is the perfect example of that old saying that you can give someone money, but you can't give them class. We have all seen he has none. Any person that holds the office of president should not be on Twitter calling people lunatics and fat and stupid. It is humiliating that this man is in charge of our country. 

As much as I don't like Trump, if he could just do this one thing, which is, tell the truth, he would get a bit more respect. People still wouldn't like him, but at least they could say he is honest. There will always be those who dislike whoever gets elected, but those elected used to have a common trait - you could take them at their word. Trump only knows 100 words and you can't believe any of them.
Kala Allen Hisel 6 months ago

Oh, McKenna Seymour, you chose the wrong argument.  Obama was a notorious liar (just Google it for a refresher course).  But, to jog your memory a bit, 'you can keep your doctor', 'you can keep your policy'. 'we signed into law the biggest middle class tax cut in history', '90 percent of the budget deficit is due to George W. Bush's policies', 'the day after the Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism', 'I didn't call the Islamic State a JV team', 'Republicans have filibustered 500 pieces of legislation', 'The Keystone pipeline is for oil that bypasses the United States', 'We have fired a whole bunch of people who are in charge of these VA policies', 'the Capital Hill janitors just got a pay cut', 'more young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities in the United States'.

Well, McKenna, you're getting the drift, right?  But, hey, I only covered the tip of the iceberg.  Feel free to visit the following sites that have a plethora of Obama lies during his reign.  Heck, the Washington Post alone found 250.

Oh, and a bonus one, just for you, McKenna, the 18 major scandals in Obama's presidency:

Tom Digger 6 months ago
Obama was a liar?? LOLOLOL.. Do you REALLY want to get into some contest about who is a bigger liar..Trump or Obama?? YOU DON"T WANT TO GO THERE.. and DO NOT GIVE BREITBART as some source for 'scandals' about Obama. Obama never had ONE SINGLE PERSONAL SCANDAL IN EIGHT YEARS. 
Trump has had MORE SCANDALS in three months than Obama had in eight years!!
 Trump is a PROVEN pathological LIAR. The sooner you accept that FACT, the better off you will be.
Trump has told over 150 PROVABLE lies in in first 100 days!!
I actually feel sorry for you. You EMBARRASS yourself by trying to claim that Obama was a liar compared to the liar we have defiling the oval office today!

[removed] 6 months ago
This comment has been deleted
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Hillary Clinton is a politician. ALL politicians lie. But, they all lie in the same realm of about 20%..or at least stretch the truth to that amount. Hillary falls exactly in that same number. According to EVERY single credible fact checking source, Trump lied about 75% of the time during the campaign. Hillary told the truth about 80% of the time! Trump lies like no other politician in history.
Kala Allen Hisel 6 months ago
LOL, Tom Digger.  Your 'sources' are as weak as the ramblings you post.   A site that cherry picks remarks out of their context is a pathetic attempt to mislead and deceive.  I listed multiple sites, Tom, that are  indisputable facts clearly documenting Obama's lies to this country.  To disregard those lies by attempting to smear Trump is illogical.  To disprove Obama did not lie, Tom, you will need to provide your proof Obama did not lie.  Good luck with that.
Kitty Persson 6 months ago obamaland, the cops acted "stupidly"...I remember that.  And "you didn't build that"...insults both, among others too numerous to mention.
I am not big on Trump either but let me make a suggestion to you:  before you start calling out people for crass behavior and insults, take a good, long listen to the speech and behavior of these high-flown effete liberal snobs you seem so fond of.
Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
And take a good hard look at the people Obama hung with in order to learn and grow as the socialist he became:  Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and indeed the Communist Party of America.  Once elected he appointed the most free market hating people he could as judges.  If you love America, the free market, and LEGAL immigration, you can't possibly like Obama.  
Kala Allen Hisel 6 months ago
After reading your comments, David Smith, it seems to appear you might be the one experiencing fantasies.
Tom Digger 6 months ago
Fantasies? You are living in some galaxy far away!! You actually beleive that Trump is not some pathological liar!
To the Trumpbots, suddenly FACTS have become OPINION. TRY GOOGLE!!  .. ' TRUMP LIES".. it isn't hard to find!
Kala Allen Hisel 6 months ago
Tom, give it up.  You offer '' as 'proof'....c'mon, Tom, provide indisputable facts rather than cherry picked remarks taken out of the context in which they were said.  Now, I provided numerous, reputable sites where the comments were not taken out of context.  Furthermore, of the numerous sites I provided, there are a plethora of  more sites as well.  And, the sites depict the same Obama lies.  Prove your statements are indisputable FACT, Tom, and not fishing expeditions. 
Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
You really can't echo anything the lying media says.  You CAN report actual news items and interviews.  But they don't.  You can't trust anything the lame stream media says.  They have their own spin and agenda.  And it isn't to help the president be successful like a true American should.  
Dennis Beckmann 6 months ago
I see we have two comrades who have come out of the socialist closet
Tom Digger 6 months ago
As oppose to the FASCISTS here from Trump's closet??
Dennis Beckmann 6 months ago

I would ask if you even knew the definition of fascists, but I can't get over the fact that you spelled it correctly. Asking for the correct definition might be asking too much.

Mike Hasselkamp 6 months ago
I don't even get a whiff of fascism.  Not sure what Matthews was smelling .......  
Myron Holter 6 months ago
Hi Kevin ..  tell cjonline about our website ..  OK?

blog is at

KEVIN MCGINTY 6 months ago
The delusions are running wild...
Thorne Smith 6 months ago
The delusions are running wild...
Actual Drs. agree that self diagnosis is not very safe.
Kenneth Remfry 6 months ago
Now Boz, you cannot leggo of the old tired "racist, sexist, homophobic" smears, can you? I'm not misogynistic and I do just fine with women. Well, you've been on my FaceBook site and ought to know that. So if the Harridan is your sort, no accounting for taste. I'm turning into your own little Mephistopheles there, Boz.

But hey, I wanna be friends. I even wrote this song for your. I can't sing at all, but perhaps you can. This should sound best with a Leon Redbone voice, maybe you can manage it.

I got them teen-angst Boswell blues;
My pals and I steal some of the parents' booze;
Go out on the Boulevard in my Mustang and cruise;
Don't tangle with no east siders 'cause we're sure to lose'
Got them fraidy-cat Boswell blues.

I got a Holliday friend who likes to argue facts;
He lives way out on the other side of the Santa Fe tracks;
No west-side overachiever, he don't play no sax;
Got them hangin' out at Moods Unlimited Boswell blues.

I met him in the halls of Troy;
He's sort of a good ole boy.
My GPA he won't destroy;
Got them goin' to Sandy's Boswell blues.

But sometimes that Howdy can be pretty crass;
If I give him too much silly sass;
He might "descend" and lay a boot upside my dopey bass;
Got them "let's go to White Lakes" Boswell blues.

I'm going to leave this conservative town I think;
I'll go east, study hard, and become a famous shrink;
Gotta be a step up from being a lefty rat fink;
Got them "gettin' out of Dodge" Boswell blues.

If you can sing this right, Boz, I can feel that Grammy already!

Ah the things I do for my muse, eh?

By the way, I don't doubt Frank's facts. It's his conclusions and authenticity I question. But when he says something like "Phill Kline is from Overland Park" I have no reason to doubt him. This shouldn't be too hard a concept for you to grasp.

But hey, get to practicing our masterpiece, okay?