Posted April 12, 2017 10:32 am - Updated April 12, 2017 10:48 am

The days of pretending are over...


Quote of the day:

"The border is not open. Please don't come. You will be apprehended and you will be deported promptly. If you're a criminal, you will be prosecuted, and if you assault our officers, we're going to come after you like a ton of bricks." -- U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Any questions?

Shouldn't be.

I mean, what's to question?

Since when did enforcing laws already on the books become a radical idea?

Oh yeah, after 8 years of extreme left rule by Barack Hussein Obama.

8 years of whining about our broken immigration system, are over.

8 years of trying to sell the American people on the idea that our immigration system needs reformed, are over.

8 years of pretending that allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood our country is making us stronger, are over.

And 8 years of every nation on the planet having the right to enforce their own immigration laws but America, have come to an end.

Any questions?

If so, I refer you today's (completely unedited) 4 minute lead video and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will explain it to you...

Kevin McGinty

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Mike Hasselkamp 17 days ago
Great article!  And God bless Jeff Sessions.
Kala Allen Hisel 17 days ago
It feels like we're in the United States of America again...and it feels great!!!
Ash McGonigal 16 days ago
America: Where a citizen is detained for three weeks with no probable cause and no access to a lawyer.

Your vision of this country is terrifying.
KEVIN MCGINTY 16 days ago
That's interesting, Ash.

Just kidding.

No it's not...
Tom Digger 16 days ago
Of course you wouldn't be interesting in violation of the constitution. Cons never care about anything UNTIL it affect them personally!
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago
Of course the Obama administration was so much better. Or should we ask the maker of a video that the Obama Administration deliberately lied to the American public and the world about and illegally arrested and imprisoned for over a year without a grand jury or representation.
Tom Digger 16 days ago
Obama deported more illegals than any President in HISTORY
Kitty Persson 16 days ago
Sure, Tom...whatever you say.  Ever see police do those sobriety tests on which the suspected drunk has to walk 10 steps then turn around and do 10 back?  That was the Obama deportation method.
Tom Digger 16 days ago
IT IS FAKE SECURITY! It is not real.. Trump created a FAKE ISSUE to sell. He isn't solving any real problem. He wants to WASTE  billions on some worthless wall that won't stop anyone with a ladder or a shovel.
Kitty Persson 17 days ago
No misunderstanding that and I am so glad he dropped the hammer on it.  
Also heard it reported last night that the NYPD has decided to ignore DiBlahBlah's orders on ICE.
Now what will the sanctaries in Kansas do?  Shawnee county included...
KEVIN MCGINTY 16 days ago
No normal person would ever consider a nation that enforces it's immigration laws, terrifying...
[removed] 16 days ago
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KEVIN MCGINTY 16 days ago
You wanna see terrifying?

Just look at what's happening all across Europe...
Kitty Persson 16 days ago
Borders and sovereignty matter to every other nation on the planet but they aren't supposed to matter here, according to liberal progressives...
That has never made sense even though I 'm pretty sure they know that they just can't stroll across into Canada or Mexico.
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago
You cannot be a faithful Christian and be in support of unrestrained immigration in the USA while we have laws that restricted immigration. There, that should get Alan's attention.
Tom Digger 16 days ago
We don't have unrestrained immigration and never have. We have UNFAIR immigration. People from certain countries can just fill out a form, pick up a visa, get on a plane and come on over. For decades, people from cuba just had to float up on shore on a a raft and get to stay forever. People from Mexico and Central America had to know someone and had a strict number and were not allowed in. Is that a fair system? We need a full reform to set up a FAIR system. People always say..  do it the right way.. Get in line.. But the problem is THERE IS NO LINE TO GET INTO. Look at Melania Trump. She automatically got a visa to come right in. No waiting. She then got a job, applied for a green card.. easy peasy.. then of course, she found herself a sugar daddy to marry and.. one, two , three.. an American citizen. And She made a speech about how she did it the right way. Oh, please give us a break!! 
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago

Tom, you really should have paid attention in Government class during your high school years, but then government is not a required subject any longer so perhaps you did not take it?

I personally know many legal immigrants, and they did not have "personally know" someone to immigrate. They simply had to fill out the proper formers and wait for a response. Now, if you think the system is flawed, work to change it. But there is no way you can support Scripturally breaking your country's laws. Sorry impossible. Our country's laws are for the protection of our citizens. That is what secular government's just responsibility is. Governments are not designed for rule outside their borders.


To graduate from a public high school in Kansas, a student MUST pass a government class that includes the the Constitution of the United States.
Tom Digger 16 days ago
LOLOL.. MIllion are not 'flooding' our border. In fact, for at last three years out of year and RIGHT NOW, MEXICANS coming across the border is a NET ZERO. Those coming in equal those going out! With companies going to Mexico, just as many are leaving as coming here. The people coming here are not from Mexico. They are coming from Central American and are REFUGEES who are escaping violence and turning themselves into border guards who MUST take them in under International Law!! This is a FAKE ISSUE. Obama deported more illegal criminals than any President in HISTORY. Until we SERIOUSLY have some comprehensive immigration reform, employers are going to keep hiring cheap illegal labor to do jobs that Americans do not want to do. Fruit growers were offering $20. a hr and they could not get Americans to fill the jobs and STAY on the jobs. We must pass a guest worker program to fill the jobs. Until Trump and Sessions figure that out and stop playing cowboy and big bad sheriff, they won't ever solve the problem!
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago
Really Tom, you need to understand illegal immigration, you are falling for the left's talking points of racism, esp. targeted against Hispanics. The vast majority of illegal immigrants are NOT from Mexico or Central America or any other Hispanic country. So to claim that those who support upholding our immigration laws are racist is a logical fallacy and does not support your point of discussion in the immigration debate.
[removed] 16 days ago
This comment has been deleted
Ash McGonigal 16 days ago
Personally, I like to eat. Every time we crack down on immigration, it leads to crops rotting in the field.

I'd be happy to get some increased farm subsidies going so we can pay tomato pickers $30/hr to work out there without causing food riots. Would that work better for you?
Kitty Persson 16 days ago
Subsidies, huh?  You wish taxpayers to foot that idea too?  Yer tomatoes would likely keep on rotting because more and more taxpayers would be unable to afford them.  "Subsidy" is just another code word for soaking the taxpayers in the private sector in order to promote a political agenda.
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago
And give me one news story in the past two decades about rotting crops in the field due to the lack of labor.  It is the rare field that is hand harvested today. Large corporations and family farms with hi-tech mechanical harvesting of crops, including your precious tomatoes. Or as in nearby to us completely hydroponically grown greenhouse tomatoes that yield 400% of traditionally soil grown tomatoes. And they do it year round. Might add, mechanically harvested also.
Ash McGonigal 16 days ago
Dennis Beckmann 16 days ago
1st, Obama was POTUS in 6-6-16. 
Mike Hasselkamp 16 days ago
Yep.  I'd give it 2 thumbs up if a could.  Rotting fields of veggies is a ruse.  Kind of like throwing Grandma off a cliff.  But those are the fear tactics of the left.  And those that believe them .......  
Kitty Persson 16 days ago
Why are you making a distinction as to what countries these people are from? I don't care if they are Snow White and from Sweden; if they are sneaking in, they are entering illegally.
KEVIN MCGINTY 16 days ago
This is all so confusing.

Trump starts deporting illegal aliens and he's a raging racist.

But Barack Hussein Obama who the left loves with all their hearts can deport more illegal aliens than any president in history (according to Tom) and no one says a word.

Weird, huh?
Ash McGonigal 16 days ago
Trump was a raging racist long before he sought political office. When Barack Obama was in grade school, Trump was denying housing to minorities. When Barack Obama was President, Trump came to "political prominence" spreading wacky racist conspiracy theories.

President Obama was operating under the delusional theory that Republicans operate in good faith, and that by enforcing immigration laws like they wanted, we could reform the immigration system, like everyone wanted before Republicans went full-bore on the crazy on January 21, 2009.
KEVIN MCGINTY 16 days ago
Reform the immigration system?

Like everyone wanted?

I don't think so, Ash.

Immigration reform has always been code for blanket amnesty.

And trust me, no one but the left wants it...

Sara Socks 14 days ago
WOW ! Whats going on here? . Looks like a reunion of all the ole troll's and some new little pickers. Posts getting pulled and going POOF posters getting the ole out the door boot. New day coming or what? Maybe just the old guard up in arms about the new sheriff in town?