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Posted March 10, 2017 06:38 am - Updated March 14, 2017 02:15 pm

Masterson's Gut & Go of a Medical Marijuana bill

Senator Jacob LaTurner recently permitted a hearing for SB155, a bill proposed by Senator Haley that would legalize medical marijuana. While I was unable to make it to the hearing, LaTurner even allowed a committee vote on this bill to pass it out onto the Senate floor.

Having been through several marijuana hearings in the past, LaTurner had developed a concern for all of the children brought in by their parents, children suffering symptoms of epilepsy. His heart was softened for them and I'm grateful for his attention to Haley's Compassionate Care Act. But the fate of this bill falls short of meeting their needs despite LaTurner's good intentions. 

In a motion to push Senators toward action, Senator Ty Masterson moved to gut the contents of SB155 and replace it with SB151, a bill that would allow dispensary of the non-intoxicating Hemp oil, a product currently legal at the federal level which can be bought over the counter.

Whereas Haley's Compassionate Care Act permitted access to marijuana plants, SB151 strips Kansans of the benefit of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as this necessary component competes for specialized receptors in the brain to positively affect well being.

Masterson eviscerated Haley's medical marijuana bill designed to help these children. "We're taking baby steps," Masterson said about the motion to 'gut and go' yesterday while the bill was being worked.

A 2015 survey noted that 68% of Kansans favored legalization of medical marijuana, whereas a whopping 63% favored decriminalization. Masterson is not listening to constituents despite Senator Wagle's warning that the people spoke in the primary election.

Our only hope is that one of the Senators on the floor will amend SB155 to include SB187, as the latter would promote the Kansas Safe Access Act. Masterson is playing God with these children's 'quality of life' and I humbly ask that you contact your senator and ask them to amend SB155 by adding SB187 to it's contents.

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