Posted May 18, 2017 02:58 pm

The Pen Will Slay Us Unless We Fight Back

“The pen is mightier than the sword was coined,” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  These words are an absolute truth and you can see it being played out today.  The media is a powerful machine and is shaping our nation more than any political party or army could manage to do.

Our founding fathers understood the importance of the press and include protections for it in the United States Constitution.  I support a free press, but our press today has an agenda and the tools to promote it.  They do so in subtle ways and sometimes not so subtle.

Whether it is a Brian Williams, Dan Rather or Donna Brazile , the media has been caught lying and often aiding a political party gain victory over their opponent.  The outright lies are damaging, but the subtle lies are just as damaging.

Chelsea Manning was convicted of violations of the Espionage Act, but the media refers to her as a “whistle blower.”  Subtle, but a lie nonetheless,.  Intended to protect Former President Obama’s legacy?  How would it look if the media had to report that a traitor was walking free because of Obama?  Not so good, but a whistle blower, well that is a different story.

The media is now reporting on the James Comey memo and describing Comey as well respected.  No he isn’t.  Both Democrats and Republicans, as well as much of the American public believed he lacked credibility and should have been fired.  However, by stating he is well respected the media gives credibility to the story of a memo stating that President Trump tried to obstruct justice. 

To my knowledge no one has seen the memo and even if it exists so what?  Anyone can write a memo to himself or herself saying whatever they want and it doesn’t make it true.  Perhaps the media should be reporting that Comey previously testified under oath that the Trump had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.  And if he had tried, then Comey was obligated under law to report it immediately.

Anonymous sources should be used to get leads on stories, but not to publish stories unsubstantiated by known sources as true.  This is abusing the power of the press and it must be countered.

To counter it, we must question the credibility of all media sources and gather information from as many sources as possible.  We must also use common sense in weighing the validity of any story.  For example, “The media is telling us that Trump obstructed justice, but Comey was obligated under penalty of law to report it if it happened and said he wasn’t pressured while testifying under oath.  Hmmmmm…. perhaps this story isn’t true”

The pen is mightier than the sword and if left unchecked might slay us all.