Posted April 17, 2017 10:29 am

Only The Weak can be Oppressed

I am sure this blog will enrage some, so to those I challenge you to tell me not why you don't like my message but how it is wrong. 

It seems like I read an article attacking white men everyday.  Last week I read about a proposal to stop white men from voting for 20 years.  There is a constant barrage of "white privilege" articles and memes. Heck, I read one that said activities like hiking are only available to whites because of their privilege. Really?

Whites, especially white men, are blamed for oppressing minorities and keeping them in poverty. No one seems to be able to document exactly how this is done, but darn it is a good talking point. Think about, racial and gender discrimination are illegal so if it is a widespread problem then there should be a lot of prosecutions. 

Also, it seems like minorities suffer the most in cities that have small white populations and are governed by minority officials. But for the sake of argument, let's assume that white men are evil and are oppressing minorities. Let's forget the white men that died to free the slaves, the white men that marched for civil rights, the white men that create jobs for all races and the white men that passed legislation to ensure that racial and gender discrimination are illegal, let's just accept they are evil  

So white men oppress women and minorities - how did this happen? Consider that the first human was a woman in Africa so we all started without any privilege, we all started equally. How did white men advance to the point of being able to oppress minorities and women?  You can't be oppressed if you're equal and you can't be oppressed if you're superior so how did white men become dominant?

Right, when you claim that you are oppressed you are admitting your failures and weaknesses  is that really what you want the world to know about you?

Maybe the problem isn't white men.