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House Speaker Paul Ryan says Congress may miss Friday deadline for $1.1 trillion spending bill

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan says Congress may miss its Friday deadline to wrap up a huge $1.1 trillion spending bill... Read more

Budget deal winners: Obama, Pentagon while tea partyers lose

WASHINGTON — Count President Barack Obama, the Pentagon and new Speaker Paul Ryan as winners in the hard-fought budget deal between congressional... Read more

U.S. House GOP leaders promise trade to raise borrowing cap

WASHINGTON — House GOP leaders Wednesday announced that they will move quickly to raise the government’s borrowing cap by attaching a wish... Read more

U.S. House passes stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown

WASHINGTON — The House has passed a huge stopgap spending bill to keep the government open through the end of September, sidestepping... Read more

Finger-pointing trumps problem-solving in federal budget fight

WASHINGTON — Just about everyone in official Washington is in agreement that big across-the-board spending cuts at the Pentagon and throughout domestic... Read more

With the 'fiscal cliff' averted, it's on to the next crisis

WASHINGTON — Onward to the next fiscal crisis. Actually, several of them, potentially.

The New Year’s Day deal averting the “fiscal cliff” lays... Read more

Romney faces scrutiny on aid comments in storm's wake

WASHINGTON — There is nothing like a natural disaster to test the depth of politicians’ preference for small government.

And so it turns... Read more

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